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What we do

Our technical and consultancy services provide your people with quick and straightforward access to their valuable internal and external data to help them make better informed decisions.

Our offering

Kohera specializes in the design, implementation and support of information systems based on the Microsoft Business Intelligence portfolio, the SQL Server database system and Prophix CPM software. Being the largest Belgian company with 100% focus in these areas, we have built up the extensive expertise needed to help you find the best and most affordable solutions.

SQL Server consultancy

When you think SQL Server, think Kohera. Whether you're looking for expert database administrators, an audit of your systems, any type of performance tuning, database consolidation and migration, on-premises or hybrid our cloud software, high availability or disaster recovery set-ups, we will always find the best solution at the lowest cost.

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Business Intelligence

Successful companies make the right decisions faster, using business intelligence. Whatever your aspirations, analytics is an essential element in defining your strategy and helping you achieve your goals. Give your people easy-to-use tools which turn data into stunning visualizations that lead to valuable insights, and collaboration tools that make all data – big data and small data – accessible to everyone.

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Corporate Performance Management

Software for Corporate Performance Management (CPM) is your solution for easier budgeting, planning, forecasting, reporting and financial consolidation. Designed to operate with minimal IT support, CPM automates timeconsuming processes and so improves accuracy and the ability to respond to changes.

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What clients say


27 Sep 2016
Don’t fool mama Natalie!

Let me tell you a true story about mama Natalie and her son Steve. Steve is a 14-year old, clever, young man, one of the cool guys at school. He always keeps his mobile phone at hand. As a matter of fact, he has a black belt in texting. Unfortunately, it seems that Steve’s texting behavior has been a bad influence on his grades at school. Mama Natalia suspects Steve of favoring his phone over his books. But how can she make Steve see the connection?

20 Sep 2016
Triggering SQL agent jobs from Excel

A client requested whether it was possible to launch an SSIS package flow from Excel. The reason behind it was that the load of data in question was only used once a year and just over a period of one or two weeks. The actual code used to do this was no longer than four lines of VBA code in Excel.

13 Sep 2016
SSIS Lookup component – Beware the partial cache

After publishing my previous blog about making a lookup case insensitive, I received a question from my most loyal reader, my wife. Just like me, she is a BI developer, so that makes her the perfect proofreader. After reading my post, she wondered what would happen if you used a partial cache mode, and the input data didn’t match the casing of the lookup data. So I started investigating…

06 Sep 2016
Dynamic data column position for flat files in SSIS

Scenario: your customer has determined that your SSIS source for his new project is a CSV file with a header row followed by the data rows. All is developed and tests were made, all is success. After a few days of testing the customer wants the business user to have the ability to change the position of the data columns as the customer needs.