Seven-day POC of our Advanced Analytics

Improve your data processing with AI and machine learning

You’re already familiar with Business Intelligence, but don’t wait any longer to take the next step: Machine Learning. Any organisation that has lots of data to process can benefit from having such a system. The advantages are always the same: more automation and faster, more correct and more efficient work. Kohera is now offering you a Proof of Concept so you can try out our Advanced Analytics with machine learning.

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What Advanced Analytics does for you

Are these issues familiar?

  • Is correct information crucial for your company?
  • Does your company produce results that have value only when clients can trust that the used data are reliable?
  • Does your information come from lots of different sources, so there's a big risk of inaccuracies or typos - not necessarily wilful fraud?

What machine learning covers

  • Automated decisions
  • Correct information
  • Smart filtering
  • It keeps Big Data manageable
  • It can be useful for all sorts of organisations and applications, for example for sales, more efficient stock management, timely maintenance and logistics

How it works

  • You can switch step by step to a more automated – smart – filtering of incoming figures via Machine Learning.
  • To begin with, users need to feed the system themselves by indicating which actions are correct and which aren’t.
  • The technology uses this as a basis to create its own algorithms which are then combined with existing ones.
  • The environment evolves and constantly becomes smarter.
  • The model is constantly learning, so you don’t need to run as many samples.
  • The ultimate result is that the system is almost fully automated and detects more than you could yourself.

7-day Proof of Concept

  • Smart filtering via machine learning
  • The environment evolves and becomes smarter


  • A 7-day Proof of Concept
  • Advice and guidance


  • Fixed price at 6,990.00 euros, VAT exclusive

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