The world of data is evolving

The data landscape has changed dramatically over recent years, the world of data is evolving. In the past, we mainly heard that we needed to do as much as possible “cloud-only”—but this trend has become more nuanced now. There has also been plenty of discussion about Big Data or actually the ‘Right Data’ recently. In […]

The Chamber of SQL Part 4: What is a managed instance?

Stefanie was planning to update her knowledge on Microsoft Azure. After a good night rest, she was ready for this new adventure. She opened up her laptop, turned on the power and immediately stopped and stood up. Yep, some things will never change. First things first. Black gold. A good dark and hot ristretto to start […]

The Chamber of SQL Part 3

“The Always Highly Available Failover Cluster On Instance”. The project Stephanie was working on was nearly finished. Her new architecture was built, scripts were being created and databases were migrated. She was doing a wrap up for herself. It had been a great experience, working with Richard and Marc. Two people she would not soon […]

The Chamber of SQL – The Chamber of Secrets

1, 2, 3, do you count with me. A couple of months after the breakdown of one of their databases in production, Stephanie, Marc and Richard worked out a very good plan. The plan was set in motion days after the data loss the company suffered. Although not much, losing data still means losing valuables […]

The Chamber of SQL – just another day in paradise

Let me begin by introducing the main characters of this blog. We have Marc, a senior system administrator with a deep technical knowledge about Windows PowerShell, networks and everything related to Active Directory and DNS. There’s also Richard, CTO of the company, a great visionary and in the old days one of the best system […]

The dawn of a new era

My tribute to the SQL Server Management Studio Since a couple of days SQL Server 2016 is finally available. I can’t wait to start working with this new exciting version. However, I’m not going to talk about SQL Server 2016 in this blog. I’m going to discuss the management tool we all use for accessing […]

Ten Commandments when you install SQL server

Above all, Install SQL server with much fun and devotion. Preconfigure TEMPDB, not leaving defaults, for better throughput and performance. You shall protect the data and make back-ups as if it was the Chosen one. Test, Test and Test the restoring of data in order to anticipate on future disasters, this might be your salvation. Thou shallt install SQL […]

SQL server 2005 will become the new SQL server 2000

Many years ago Microsoft released SQL server 2005. This was an important SQL server update after SQL server 2000. Today, a decade later, Microsoft is about to stop the extended support on SQL server 2005 on April 12th 2016. It is end of life, no more updates will be released. When running SQL server 2005 you […]