Budget allocation: combining different levels of granularity in Power BI

Allocating budgets on a different level is not easy to manage in DAX. It was (and still is) a DAX struggle for me. This blog post will guide you through the different steps I took to easily manage the different granularities (and write easy DAX afterwards) by allocating budget on day level using Power Query. […]

Power BI: How to unpivot twice

Recently I had a customer providing data for a PowerBI report in the below format:   We have procedures containing several tests and for each test a result and target value. As you might notice, the format of the data provided is not ideal for reporting purposes. Creating visuals based on data in this format is […]

When an Azure runbook does not recognize your cmdlets…

Automating a Data Factory pipeline using a runbook seemed like an easy last step in a Azure DWH setup I developed lately. To automate the DWH load, I started to create a PowerShell script runbook in my Azure Automation Account. The goal of this runbook was to start the Azure DWH component, run the pipelines […]