Import text by example in Power BI reports

If you want to see the topic of this blog in action, then watch our free webcast on the latest features in Power BI where we discuss this new capability of Microsoft’s BI tool by clicking here. Weirdly formatted files, we’ve all had to import them into our reports at some point. Despite knowing what […]

Small Multiples: a new smart feature in Power BI

Recently, a long-awaited feature was added to Power BI: Small Multiples. If you’re not a reporting specialist, chances are a big question mark popped up above your head when you read that. Small Multiples? Long-awaited feature? What are we talking about? Presenting data in reporting tools Reporting tools give you the possibility to present your […]

Free download: How Big Data and AI can help your business move forward?

A while ago, our DAX Diviner at The Kingdom of Wizards, Ken Geeraerts, has been interviewed for a whitepaper on Big Data and AI for the company Nimbuz. The witepaper shows you how to make your company future proof, by letting data and analytics work for you. So you can understand your customers and market better, and […]

Power Query Beyond the Ribbon: Types

Some time ago I gave a session on SQL Server Days about Power Query. I really enjoyed speaking there. The title of the session was “Power Query Beyond The Ribbon”. I have to admit a major strength of Power Query is that you can do pretty much everything only by using the ribbon. However this […]

Webinar replay: hands-on with Power View

Microsoft Power View is a useful add-on for Excel that helps you to visualize your data so that you can share and interpret information and present it to your customers. Here’s our webinar replay. Power View is a part of the Microsoft BI family, which also contains Power Query, PowerPivot and Power Map, plus the […]

Webinar: hands-on with Power Query

Microsoft Power Query is Excel-like software from Microsoft that helps you gather, transform and analyse data from a wide variety of sources. In our webinar we explained how to use Power Query in your daily work by guiding you through some examples. Power Query can merge and shape data sources to match your data analysis […]