We’ve taken Azure Synapse for a spin

Microsoft has recently taken us on a word lingo with the launch of Azure Synapse Analytics. At Kohera, we’ve experienced some confusion in the market between Azure Synapse as a standalone product and Azure Synapse Analytics as a SaaS platform. We guess it’s time to set things straight once and for all, or at least […]

Caching in Databricks?
Yes, you can!

Sometimes, Databricks can be a bit sluggish. Especially when working with many small parquet files on Azure Data Lake. This sluggishness is often due to the security and read/write access requests that the Databricks cluster needs to maintain. This slows down the processing significantly, as the Databricks cluster reserves memory space for every I/O thread […]

All I want for Christmas is you

Oh, this is cheesy, can’t believe we could ever dare to mention Mariah Carey in our blogpost series.  Well, the holiday season is starting, so there is no escape at all 😊. What I meant with the title was: All I need for Christmas is you… Azure Data Flow.  Data what?  Azure Data Flow is […]

Azure pt.3: Parameterize and trigger

All good things in life consists of 3 parts, and so also this series of blogposts.  In previous blogposts we have been creating the Linked Services in Azure and CTAS’ing files from Azure Data Lake into tables on Azure DWH.  I finished my previous post by advising you to use Azure Data Factory V2 (ADF) […]

Azure pt.2: The story continues… Enter Polybase

In the previous blog we have been creating the Linked Services between Azure Data Lake, Azure Data Factory (ADF) and our Azure Database. We have seen the power of the Linked Service, the security model used, and how it glues everything together.  In case you have not read my previous blog on Linked Service, I […]

Azure pt.1: A word on Linked Services in Azure

How to best describe Azure Data Factory (ADF) V2?  A friend of mine described it as the ETL of the skies.  And since I based almost my entire career on ETL tools, this sounded like music to my ears. After running a nice project in ADF I can now look back on this statement, and […]

SSIS 2016 en OData4

In SQL Server 2016 heeft Microsoft ons voorzien van tal van nieuwigheden. Naast de talrijke mooie wijzigingen in de SQL Server engine, SSAS en SSRS, is er ook aandacht besteed aan SSIS 2016. Deze verbeteringen staan wat minder in de kijker, maar zijn daarom niet minder de moeite waard. Als ervaren SSIS-ontwikkelaar word ik zeer […]