Nico Verbaenen

06 Dec 2016 Power BI on-premise

Although Microsoft always had said that bringing Power BI on-premise was on the road map, no clear time frame could be given. That was the case at least up until recently, when Microsoft announced the Technical Preview of the Power BI on-premise at SQLPass and Ignite.

16 Aug 2016 Power BI – Gateways to heaven

Although the Power BI gateways have been around for some time now, they weren't really easy to use. Depending on what you needed to do - refresh your data from the Power BI or use the live connection method - you had to install a different gateway. Next to the annoyance of having to install two separate software packages for your Power BI cloud solution, you would think there is no real issue. Wouldn't it be for the fact that you can't install both packages on the same machine.

09 Aug 2016 Coaching

Data warehousing has been a hot topic for a couple of years now. In the beginning this was especially something for larger organisations with vast amounts of data spread all over the company. But over time we have seen a shift in type of organisations needing data warehouses solutions. Also smaller organisations are seeing the benefits of having data stored centrally and integrated.As we see a shift in type of organisation, we also see a shift in type of project.

14 Jun 2016 Data warehouse and self-service BI tools: friends or foes?

Looking at the BI marketplace today, a lot of products and vendors are telling us that we don't need data warehouses to create those flashy and easy-to-use reports and dashboards. Although from a technical point of view this statement could be valid, in the real world you are not only using the data warehouse to gather information in one location. In the real world we see that a data warehouse does much more than that.

29 Sep 2015 Master Data Services in real life

Master Data Services is one of the hidden gems in the Microsoft BI Tool stack. As the name suggests the idea is to use the tool to technically support Master Data Management. But what we see in real life is that Master Data Services, although being a good tool, isn’t up to standards compared to the master data management tools offered by other big vendors like IBM and SAP. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use Master Data Services (MDS). MDS has a big added value in lots of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing projects.

28 Aug 2015 What to expect from Datazen

What to expect from this tool, recently acquired by Microsoft? Here are some of the features that make Datazen a great and enterprise ready application.