Azure hybrid solutions with on-premise SSRS Server

For the moment, SSRS (SQL server reporting services) is currently not an Azure component. Will it be available in the near future…? I don’t know. SSRS- functionalities become available in other dashboards and reporting tools like Power BI. Today, you’ll need to work with an on-premise installed SSRS server or you’ll have to setup one […]

Store documents in Azure Blob storage using SQL

One little step in a migration track from on-premise to Azure is related to binary files like images, pdf and others. These files are often stored on many different places: SharePoint, file shares, local folders, SQL file tables, SQL tables as binary objects, etc. Using the last 2 options – files stored in SQL – […]

Using Azure Blob storage in SSRS reports

Attractive reports are not only showing the hard material statistics and numbers. Visualization of your data leads more and more to graphical decision making. One particular part of your reports are images for logo’s, product images etc. All this data and images were stored on-premise in the past. But when moving to the cloud, where […]

Hybrid cloud solutions

I truly believe in the azure environment. The possibilities are huge and growing every day. Do we all need to migrate to the cloud ‘sito-presto’… Yes, I think so. Why I’m so sure about this, is easy to explain. The most important reasons for me are: cost-efficient architecture possibilities and lower maintenance due to very […]

Dynamic bulk copy staging package

The most commonly created packages are data copy packaging from one source DB to a staging target DB. Instead of creating multiple packages (with or without BIML), a META data free solution can be made using the .NET SqlBulkCopy class. You can find the full description of this process in this blog. I’ll be giving […]

Dynamic bulk copy SSIS package

Using the .NET SqlBulkCopy class as described in the blog ‘META driven SSIS and Bulk copy SSIS packages’, you can easily create a parameterized package to copy a bunch of tables at once. In most cases, the purpose of a process is copying a lot of tables and not just one. A set of related […]

Meta driven SSIS and bulk copy SSIS packages

ETL processes have a lot of common parts between them. One important part of it that’s frequently repeated is a data copy sub-process to copy table(s) data from one server/database to another. Sometimes full table copies, in other cases with specific data selection. For every table or selection, you create the process in one or […]

Using SQL filetables with entity framework

Recently I had a problem on a project where we needed to securely store documents. It was the first time for the customer to do such a thing. Telling them this was not so hard, I convinced them to use SQL file tables to store these documents securely in an SQL server database. After validating […]