Sammy Deprez

08 Jan 2018 Cortana Intelligence in a nutshell – Part 2

In October 2017 at the dataMinds conference (former SQL User Days) I gave a presentation about Data Lake Analytics. One of my slides contained the following topic: Fight of the Big Data Stores. Quite a nice topic to write something about.

20 Nov 2017 Cortana Intelligence in a Nutshell — Part 1

One of the first things we explain to our future customers, is what is available and what is possible with the Cortana Intelligence Suite. With following story we're discussing each product and we give a real-time usage example.

04 Sep 2017 Graph Data in SQL 2017

One of the new features in SQL 2017 is a way to save Graph Data. First time I heard the term “graph” I was stunned… Graph Data? First thing, I thought that came into my mind: “Why would you save charts (graphs)”. Nevertheless, that is not what Graph Data is. When we are speaking about Graph Data we are not speaking about tables anymore...

02 May 2017 New syntax in SQL 2016

SQL 2016 has been released now already since a couple of months. But did you know the existing of following new syntax in SQL 2016 or vNext?

14 Mar 2017 R Services: advanced analytics binnen SQL Server 2016

In een vorige blogpost kon je lezen wat R is, wanneer en waarvoor je R kunt gebruiken en hoe je ermee van start gaat. Vandaag vertellen we je hoe je met deze meest gebruikte open source programmeertaal een statistische analyse en een grafische presentatie van jouw gegevens maakt. Plus, waarom dat nuttig is.

14 Feb 2017 Social Science – Text mining on Twitter data

In my previous blog post I talked about how to get Twitter data into Power BI. This article will discuss how you can apply text mining on that data with some R code, together with some Power BI visuals.

07 Feb 2017 Social Science – Get Twitter data in Power BI

Ever wanted to do some analytics on tweets with a certain hashtag (#) or from a certain user (@)? Don’t look any further, there is a great tool called Microsoft Power BI. In this blog post, I’ll be explaining how to get twitter data into your Power BI. Let’s go!

17 Jan 2017 Why invest in data science?

As you might have noticed, data science is not just a buzz word anymore. It has become serious business! Why?

18 Oct 2016 R[101]

What is the buzz about ‘R’? What is R, how can I use it, where do I use it, how do I start? I had all the same questions about it, the first time I heard of it. That’s why to explain what the possibilities are in R and what you can use it for.

26 Apr 2016 SQL Server Integration Services – loading Excel files

As BI consultants we regularly get the question to load one or more Excel files. Files tend to have different layouts, almost always consist of multiple worksheets and columns often contain different data types, making it more complex to load an Excel file than it would initially appear. After lots of #$@&%*! I grew tired of being frustrated, so I started looking for a solution that would simplify loading intricate Excel files. Here's what I came up with.

12 Apr 2016 New features in SQL 2016: Row Level Security

As a running up to the new release of SQL 2016 I would like to share some research I did about the new features that will be available. Last time I talked about Dynamic Data Masking. This time I will discuss another very interesting new feature namely Row Level Security. We know Row Level Security on Analysis Service level. But Microsoft now also implemented it on Database Service level.

02 Feb 2016 New features in SQL 2016: Dynamic Data Masking

As a running up to the new release of SQL 2016 I would like to share some research I did about the new features that will be available. Today I want to talk about Dynamic Data Masking. It is a nifty, small but quite intresting new feature.