24 Mar 2016 SQL 2016 – 5 (Real) reasons to upgrade, part 1

In my role as a consultant, many customers ask me for real reasons why to upgrade their existing SQL platforms to the next iteration of SQL Server. As migrating their existing environments always contain a risk, they are often looking for good reasons to upgrade or to stay at their current build level.

15 Mar 2016 Query Store: Here is the bacon!

Whenever I go to a burger restaurant & I want to order myself a nice and tasty burger. The first thing I do is look at the menu and ask myself the question: “Where is the bacon?”. I did the same thing while looking at the menu of the new up and coming SQL Server 2016, and found the nice tasty bacon in the form of a feature called Query Store!

18 Feb 2016 Power BI voor iedereen door iedereen

Niemand minder dan Satya Nadella, de CEO van Microsoft himself, kondigde begin deze maand Power BI Publish to Web aan. Dat is een nieuwe functie in de analytische visualisatietool Power BI, waarmee je vanaf nu gemakkelijk online gegevens kunt delen. Het enige wat je daarvoor moet doen is in Power BI een link naar een rapport of visualisatie van je gegevens creëren.

16 Feb 2016 Ten Commandments when you install SQL server

1.Above all, Install Microsoft SQL server with much fun and devotion. 2.Preconfigure TEMPDB, not leaving defaults, for better throughput and performance. 3.One shall protect their data and backup the data as if it was the Chosen one. 4.Test, Test and Test the restoring of the data as to anticipate future disasters, they might be your salvation.

09 Feb 2016 Scripting Resource Pools and Resource Groups

Unfortunately, SQL Server’s management studio doesn’t provide you with a simple way to script your resource pools and resource groups. If you want to do this you’ll first have to script all the groups, and then the pools one by one in the correct order. To recreate them you have to do the same but in a reverse order.

02 Feb 2016 New features in SQL 2016: Dynamic Data Masking

As a running up to the new release of SQL 2016 I would like to share some research I did about the new features that will be available. Today I want to talk about Dynamic Data Masking. It is a nifty, small but quite intresting new feature.

01 Feb 2016 The SQL Server Misconfiguration Chronicles part 3: Database Files

In the third part of the misconfiguration we will handle the database files. If you create a database SQL Server will look at your model database and create the file structure as specified in your model database. By default this will mean that you will create 1 data file with a size of 4 MB and 1 log file with a size of 1 MB. These files will be able to grow automatically by auto growth, where the data file will grow in steps of 1MB and your log file will increase with 10% each growth.

26 Jan 2016 Sint-Rembertziekenhuis werkt slimmer door beter te rapporteren

Als je naar het ziekenhuis gaat voor een behandeling, wil je vooral weten hoe lang je er zal moeten blijven en hoeveel het zal kosten. Ook het ziekenhuis wil dit weten om de capaciteitsplanning, het dienstrooster en de financiële planning te verbeteren. Het Sint-Rembertziekenhuis in Torhout werkt daarom aan een nieuwe reeks rapporten om een beter overzicht te krijgen van de eigen activiteiten, op basis van de bestaande gegevens.

19 Jan 2016 The SQL Server Misconfiguration Chronicles part 2: Instance Memory Settings

In the first part of the SQL Server Misconfiguration Chronicles we handled the database level issue of AutoClose & AutoShrink. The second part of the misconfiguration chronicles will handle the default memory settings of a freshly installed SQL Server instance. SQL Server by default configures the instance memory settings to take a maximum memory of 2147483647MB which is about 2 Petabytes.

12 Jan 2016 The SQL Server Misconfiguration Chronicles part 1: Database AutoClose & AutoShrink

In the SQL Server Consulting world you see a lot of different environments, but mostly you see the same basic misconfigurations for their SQL Server Enviroment. The following blogposts will show you the most common issues with the configuration of SQL Server, they will tell you what the issue is, why it is a bad configuration and how you can solve it.

16 Dec 2015 Providing a SQL Server Express edition with a solid maintenance plan

One of the challenges of using the free express editions of SQL Server is the lack of the SQL Agent. This means that creating a functioning maintenance plan is a bit more of a challenge then on a regular SQL Server instance. Luckily for us Ola Hallengren created his maintenance plan in such a way that it can easily be altered to make it usable for SQL express editions.

07 Dec 2015 Emailing SSRS reports on a scheduled basis, without using subscriptions (or attachments)

In the Microsft BI world, SSRS is a very much integrated product. We can find SSRS reports in many companies. A question that we encounter often as BI consultants is to render some of these SSRS reports on a scheduled basis and save them in a shared location or email them as a pdf file. Subscriptions can do this for you. However, with subscriptions, we are missing some flexibility, like dynamic report names or sending the rendered report only when certain conditions are met.

24 Nov 2015 Visual tool for turning business requirements into reality

“Visualize to involve, write to describe" In business intelligence we extract data from anywhere. Beside the technical structures that define how the data is stored, we also need to understand the business processes behind that structure. It’s all in the name, right

17 Nov 2015 Overlooked Properties in SSIS: Lookup Component Cache Mode

SSIS has so many properties that some are overlooked or ignored. In this article we will have a closer look at one of them: the “cache mode” setting of the Lookup Component. As the name indicates, the “Cache mode” lets you choose which form of caching the Lookup component will use. The available modes are Full, Partial and None. By default “Full Cache” mode is selected. This is a good default value, but there are of course situations in which you might want to change it, otherwise there would be no need for the other modes.

09 Nov 2015 TEMPDB: The Ghost of Version Store

Close to Halloween we noticed that some SQL Servers had started acting spooky, as if they wanted to add to the sentiment of Halloween. Last week I had one SQL Server doing exactly that. The server had been running perfectly for the past months but that day its TempdDB was starting to fill up. Of course this required some investigation, and I found that VersionStore was the problem for my unexpected TempDB growth. The strange thing was that one database was taking up almost all of my tempdb space in version store, but it did not have any open transactions. Spooky stuff indeed!

27 Oct 2015 Power Query Beyond the Ribbon: Types

Some time ago I gave a session on SQL Server Days about Power Query. I really enjoyed speaking there. The title of the session was “Power Query Beyond The Ribbon”. I have to admit a major strength of Power Query is that you can do pretty much everything only by using the ribbon. However this doesn’t mean that learning something about M, the Power Query Formula Language, is a waste of time. With M you can solve some complex problems, automate parts or simplify your solution.

20 Oct 2015 SQL server 2005 will become the new SQL server 2000

Many years ago Microsoft released SQL server 2005. This was an important release after SQL server 2000. Today, a decade later, Microsoft is about to stop the extended support on SQL server 2005 on April 12th 2016. SQL server 2005 is end of life, no more updates will be released. When running SQL server 2005 you will be exposed to potential bugs and security threats.

16 Oct 2015 Stad Turnhout maakte een betaalbaar rapport over z’n personeelskost

Het stadsbestuur van Turnhout wilde weten hoeveel de werkelijke personeelskost verschilde van de gebudgetteerde kost. Zo kon het zijn toekomstige budgetten nog verfijnder opstellen en daarnaast ook sneller en correct rapporteren aan de gemeenteraad.