Data Challenge

Every business faces a few common data challenges from time to time. Accumulating and analyzing data and feedback from across departments to streamline your business processes can be trying, to say the least. Our Kohera team has got your back!

Advanced Analytics

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What we have to offer

Are these issues familiar?

  • Are Excel formulas making your see dots, stars, ones and zeros?
  • Do you find yourself getting lost in the maze of multiple Excel files linked to one another?
  • Is data collection and cleaning taking up the bulk of your time?
  • Would you like to present your Excel analysis in visually attractive dashboards?
  • Do you need mobile access to your dashboards?
  • Are you facing any other data challenges?


  • A one-hour remote intake meeting via Teams to listen to your data challenge(s).
  • A thorough, yet fully confidential anaylsis of your datasources.
  • An internal consult between the Kohera team members best suited with the expertise to tackle your data challenge.
  • The prepreation of a personalised demo, adapted to your needs
  • A remote closing meeting, outlining a proposal for a next-steps plan of action.


  • We take your data challenge for free


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