Feasibility study for a migration to the Microsoft Data Platform

Calculate your financial benefits of migrating to SQL Server or Azure

At Kohera we’ve long been convinced about the added value that Microsoft Data Platform offers. Are you still unsure? Then allow us to work out exactly how switching from your current database environment to SQL Server or Azure could benefit you. You get a report after a five-day feasibility study and we calculate how you would benefit financially from migrating to the Microsoft Data Platform, on-premise, on Azure or Hybrid.

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What the migration assessment does for you

Are these issues familiar?

  • Your current database environment is costing your company a lot of money?
  • You have a lot of servers, meaning you also have a high cost of license fees?
  • You would like to know how much you could save if you switched to SQL Server, Azure Managed Instance or SQL on Azure, and be entirely sure before you make such an important decision?
  • You would like to know exactly which benefits a migration could bring you?

What the calculations cover

  • Previous calculations have shown us that you could save costs up to 42% over a period of five years, including the cost of the migration, licenses and applications.
  • You could also learn from the calculations that you can reduce the number of servers while maintaining the same performance, and so reduce the cost of license fees.

How it works

  • We compare your current environment with a switch to the Microsoft Data Platform.
  • We look at what we can transfer easily, what manual work is required, and what code we will have to update.
  • This gives you a good estimate of the expected time and costs.
  • We also take into acount a cloud migration, hybrid scenario or on-premise.
  • 5-day feasibility study

    • We estimate the financial benefits for you with the help of the Microsoft Compete program, so you can make a good decision on what to do next


    • Feasibility matrix from a technical/functional point of view
    • An estimation of how much costs you save with SQL Server or Azure
    • Advice about migrations from other technologies to SQL Server, about migrations from older to newer SQL versions or to the Azure Cloud, and about the benefits of consolidation


    • Fixed price at 5,990.00 euros, VAT exclusive




    Interested in ordering this migration assessment?

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