five-day datawarehouse analysis

Modernise your datawarehouse with a datastore for a powerful platform

At Kohera, we strongly believe that you can’t get the most out of your datawarehouse without implementing a datastore as an in-between. So when modernising a datawarehouse, we also recommend a datastore, for you to obtain optimal insights in your data. To help you with your datawarehouse modernisation, we offer a five-day analysis of the source systems of your data platform.

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What a modernisation of your datawarehouse does for you

Are these issues familiar?

  • Does your storage and retrieval of data go very fast and do your users need little disc space?
  • Does the source system of your datawarehouse have to manage a lot of data, and can it do so in a structured and efficient manner?
  • You would like to integrate a datastore for these purposes, but you can only apply the datastore principles on SQL Server 2016 or newer versions?/li>
  • Do you have an older version than SQL Server 2016 and are you missing out on a lot of new possibilities in datawarehousing, such as faster operations, better columnstore indexes, improved reporting and analysis services,…?

Why a datastore?

  • A datastore integrates data from multiple sources, for additional operations on the data.
  • It is a complementary element to a datawarehouse and is used for operational reporting, controls and decision making.
  • It keeps track of the history of all your data. That means you can feed your datawarehouse data from a period in the past. Without a datastore, it’s very complex to find that older information.
  • If you want to migrate your ERP or CRM-system, you can use a datastore as the source for doing so in an efficient way. This creates great flexibility and more options for the future of your company.
  • Datastores also offer more possibilities for different types of users: powerusers can make reports in the datastore, without a helping hand from the IT department.

How the analysis works

  • If your SQL Server dates from before 2016, we recommend you to modernise your datawarehouse.
  • In a five day long analysis, we start by looking into your source systems so we have a clear view on the setup for the datastore and datawarehouse.
  • In the next step, we set up a BI roadmap based on your business requirements, so your business can fully enjoy the benefits of a modern datawarehouse in combination with a datastore.

5-day analysis

  • Analysing your source systems
  • Creating a clear view on the set-up for the datawarehouse and datastore


  • A five-day analysis
  • A BI roadmap based on your business requirements


  • Fixed price at 4,990.00 euros, VAT exclusive

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