Do you recognise yourself?




Our team of wizards doesn’t only consist of people with an IT degree. Did you know that one of them even graduated in veterinary medicine? That diversity makes us unique and offers us a particular view on data. That’s why we give as many people as possible the chance to develop themselves

Maybe you’re one of them?

1. You already have quite some experience with the Microsoft Data Platform 
2. You’ve been working in IT for a long time and want to explore a new religion
3. You work in another sector or job and you’ve only recently been sparked by data
4. You’ve just graduated
5. You still go to school
6. You don’t match one of the descriptions, but you’re a great fan of Kohera

1. You already have quite some experience with the Microsoft Data Platform

You know what they say: true love never grows old. The Microsoft Data Platform and you have come a long way together. Ready to stir up that passion at Kohera again?

Why choose Kohera? 

Your experience? Invaluable to us. But even the best data expert can still extend his knowledge with us. Kohera is your playground where you can be who you really are. Do you want grow further? Exciting challenges galore.


A day in the life of Michèle Tahay

SQL Server all the way

Michèle is a proud mother of two and lives in West Flanders. How can you recognise her? Easy, she embodies the three Ps: professionalism, performance and positivity. She studied Applied Informatics in Ghent. Her first work experience mainly focused on programming, after which she fell in love with databases. Michèle put the .Net train on a sidetrack for a little while, before she finally decided in 2019 to go all the way for SQL Server at Kohera.

Monday, 06:15.

Monday, 06:15. Start of a new working week! I get up at 06:30, still unsure whether to curse or praise the Snooze function of my alarm clock. I don’t have much time to think any further about that, because it’s 06:50 now, and that means I have to wake up the children with the usual wake-up-good-morning cuddle. First the youngest one (8), because he likes taking his time in the morning. The oldest one (11) is next. Just when I’m about to open her bedroom door, I wonder whether or not the time has come to get her own alarm clock. I quickly get rid of the idea, because puberty is nearing and getting into her room won’t be that easy anymore then. I want to enjoy the morning cuddle while I still can. Meanwhile, dad has left for work. He’s going to pick up the children tonight. This division of tasks has been brought to perfection throughout the years.


Family routine

Around 07:15 the three of us have breakfast. I fill their rucksacks with a lunchbox, biscuits and some fruit. During the school months they often surprise me in the morning with something like “Oops, we forgot to tell you that we need 5 clothes pegs and an old T-shirt from dad today.” This morning, however, they allow me to enjoy the sunrise just a little longer.

07:45 is my target time to bring them to school. This target is regularly not reached, but today it is! And what if we don’t make it? No big deal, actually. A carefree start of the day is worth more to me than the five minutes we save by rushing through the house.
We arrive at the day care centre at 08:00. To be precise, it’s a cooperative we founded with some parents. Each parent takes care of the children for a number of moments. In exchange for that, the children may come to the day care centre for a few days. It’s fascinating to see the variety of activities the parents have prepared. Each day is different.


Learn from colleagues

Around 08:30, I arrive at my regular customer. I’m work here every Monday and Tuesday. I like working here and the people know me already very well. Extra plus: another Koherian will be working here today as well. It’s always nice to work with my colleagues, because we can learn a lot from each other. My working days are different on Thursday and Friday. Then I visit different customers. Sometimes it’s a long drive, sometimes it’s so close that I can go by bike. I like that change in working environments. I go to various workplaces and can make a difference for my clients.

This weekend about ten database migrations were performed for the customer, and last week I reviewed the procedures and scripts together with the internal Database Administrator. The brand-new server seems to be in perfect shape. However, just when you think everything is peachy keen, another server appears to be experiencing some performance problems. Together with the internal colleagues we open up our box of tricks to be in control of the situation again, because the applications that use this database are beginning to grumble. We add memory, use the resource governor to limit resources for a certain application, and connect other applications to a read-only node. Each action we take relieves some of the pressure.
12:00, lunchbreak. And time to get a breath of fresh air! I enjoy lunch with my colleagues and then go out for a leisurely stroll.


Structural improvement of databases

Around 13:00 we get back to work. Fortunately, the customer has SentryOne licenses. Bearing this morning’s adventures in mind, we analyse the behaviour of the servers and queries. We put some question marks next to some of them and call upon an internal R&D colleague for assistance. We go through some possible approaches to improve the query’s performance. I decide to scrutinise the database (a VLDB aka Very Large Database) once again. I confer with my fellow Koherian about what we can do to improve this database structurally. I will present those ideas to the customer tomorrow.

I get home at 18:00. The children have been picked up and are now sitting around the table with dad. It’s leftover night, because the four of us had a nice barbecue yesterday. The children can’t stop talking about the parent who helped this morning. Apparently, both Pokémon and Minecraft held no secrets for him, which made him the coolest childminder ever. The youngest splashed with his friends in the inflatable swimming pool all afternoon, whereas the oldest discovered a new hobby: making Pokémon pixel art drawings. “Do you recognise this Pokémon, mom?” No, I don’t, because I’m not an authority on Pokémon and Minecraft – contrary to the awesome dad this morning. But I don’t mind at all.

After the necessary stories and the I-still-have-to-tell-you-one-more-thing moments, the children are finally asleep. Time to binge-watch some La Casa de Papel episodes on Netflix. How great can life be?

A day in the life of Jan Vandepanhuyzen and Jonathan Verpoort

Why I (decided to) work for Kohera

Jan has been a valuable asset to our team since 2016. His unbridled enthusiasm and extensive experience make him our perfect DBA. Living near Louvain, he’s not only Kohera’s DBA, but also a dedicated father and family man.

Read the story of Jan Vandepanhuyzen in our blog






Jonathan Verpoort: Microsoft Azure for the win!

Jonathan has worked at Kohera since the start. Despite his senior profile in BI, he chose to go for Microsoft Azure. Out of his comfort zone, but exciting, new and towards the future. Jonathan always manages to find the perfect balance: social and technical, committed and motivated in his work, but just as happy at home with his family, has always been sporty ánd a handy renovator.


2. You’ve been working in IT for a long time and want to explore a new religion

You’ve already overcome enough IT obstacles to rightfully claim a gold medal. Now you feel the time has come to do something else, though. Do you want to win a gold medal in another discipline? Try Kohera!

Why choose Kohera? 

Koherians are genuine professionals, because we all share the same passion for data. New in the world of data? Then you’ll find a team here that is raring to share its knowledge with you. Getting rusty is no option! There are plenty of career opportunities.


Ronny Meeusen: impressive Azure expertise

Ronny, a committed father ánd also a creative woodworker since recently, had already built up an impressive professional track record before joining Kohera. As a technical analyst / developer / technical lead, Ronny knew and knows the mainframe as the inside of his pocket.

Until he decided it was time for something new. Learning continuously and with great passion is what characterizes Ronny. He quickly jumped on the Azure cart. Since he never wants to do the same thing twice and Azure is constantly evolving, he has already built up more than impressive expertise


3. You work in another sector or job
and you’ve only recently been sparked by data

Our team doesn’t only consist of people with an IT degree. That diversity makes us unique and that’s why we give as many people as possible the chance to develop themselves. Maybe you’re one of them?

Why choose Kohera? 

Have you only recently been sparked by data? You’re certainly not the only one. People with all sorts of backgrounds work at Kohera. That’s what makes us strong. Thanks to our on-the-job training and the experience our colleagues share, you learn the ropes of data in no time.


A day in the life of Anémone Deroy

From banking to Power BI 

Anémone is an all-rounder with a big heart for both animals and numbers. She gained experience in the banking sector. In 2018, she decided to join Kohera and plunged into the world of data. Master Labs and others brushed up her IT knowledge, and since then she has sunk her teeth into BI and data visualisation. In a nutshell: Anémone is the living proof that number and animals can match perfectly.  

Around 07:30 I leave home. I’m not fully awake yet, so I drive on autopilot to the railway station, where I take the 07:50 train to Brussels North.

At 08:20, I arrive in Brussels. The walk to the office of my client was just what I needed; I arrive as fit as a fiddle in the building and take the stairs to the tenth floor, where my desk is awaiting me. I first check my emails, and then finish the items on my to-do list.



Power BI reports

At 09:00, my first meeting with the Service Manager is scheduled. He provides me with some feedback on the Power BI report I gave him earlier this week. The report has been approved by the management and now we’re discussing the business logic for a new report.

10:00, time for some action with a good cup of coffee. I apply the business logic we’ve just discussed in SQL.


Back to business: SQL query’s

At noon, I enjoy lunch in the company restaurant with the Kohera colleagues who also worked on the project.
At 12:30 it’s back to business. Or back to the SQL queries in my case.



At 15:00, I have my second meeting of the day, this time with the project manager. The item on the agenda is the setup of PowerApps. We define what it has to look like and what it should be capable of. After that, I continue working on the SQL queries.

At 17:30 I call it a day. Before I leave the office, I send an email to the managers and colleagues, in which I brief them on today’s decisions and actions. I also give an overview of what needs to be done tomorrow. I then hurry to the railway station to catch the 18:00 train that takes me home.

A day in the life of Simon De Meester

‘When you start at Kohera’


  It’s okay not to know, it’s not okay not to dare


Did you watch the video? That what our first day at Kohera looked like. Looking back, I didn’t really know what I had started. One month later I already have a better idea of what it really is. I started at Kohera without any IT background, but they assured me that it wouldn’t take much time to turn me into a real Data Wizard. And they were right, thanks to the Kohera Academy Summer School. Now I can confidently tell you that I’m ready for my first assignments.

  Share your knowledge, boost our power


We got ample training sessions on the entire Microsoft data platform, ranging from SQL Server to Azure and Power BI. All training sessions were given by real experts who had gained loads of work experience throughout the years. Not only did I learn more about best practices, I also was shown how things are dealt with in practice. These sessions were not solely intended for beginners, though. Everyone at Kohera was welcome to join the training club. That’s why other consultants often attended these sessions to further polish their knowledge.


  You can’t milk a cow with your hands in your pants


The KASS, however, includes more than just training. My favourite days were the ones on which we had to join our consultants in the field. Sometimes you learn more in one day on the job than in one week in the classroom. I visited some customers, whose SQL servers we maintained and I helped setting up a data warehouse.


  Seriously, have fun


After one month of training, joining and (self-) studying, the time had come to go on Kohera’s annual off-site trip. The activities ranged from a video workshop and a team game to wine tasting and an altitude trail. I especially enjoyed the nice moments with my new colleagues


   Play where the puck is going


When we got home from our off-site trip, we had just one day of rest before the next group activity was on: dataMinds Connect 2019. All Koherians were present to find out more about the latest trends in the data landscape. I joined the sessions on Azure Data Factory, Power BI Reporting and Query Tuning. If you ask me to point out one thing I’ve learnt in the last weeks, it’s that everything keeps evolving at a high speed. Thanks to this type of events, we can keep looking forward and stay up-to-date with the latest developments.

When I look back on it, I can say with certainty that my first month at Kohera was absolutely fantastic. No challenges are shirked here and everybody is always ready to help you to the next level. No only am I ready to spread the knowledge, but also Kohera’s values to our customers, partners and colleagues!


4. You’ve just graduated

Young talent can find what they’re looking for at Kohera. Because our team eagerly shares its expertise with colleagues, newbies rapidly find their way in the world of data.

Why choose Kohera? 

Kohera is the workplace to be for new graduates. Why? Because you sometimes work in tandem with experienced colleagues. Do you start to feel comfortable in your job? Then it’s time for more complex tasks. But even then there’s always an awesome team behind you.




Wout Cardoen: Azure all the way! 

Wout is our first school leaver who immediately and without any detours chose the Azure data direction. Yet, he didn’t follow the classic path, from metalworking in secondary school to Business & IT at college. But Wout is ambitious and can achieve anything he sets his mind on. Whenever you work with Wout, you can count on his good sense of humor and lots of energy!

A day in the life of Michael Bergs

from trainee to Koherian


Michael studied Chemistry, Applied Informatics and Information Management & Security. In 2018 he did a work placement at Kohera. We didn’t need much time to realise he had what it takes to be a Koherian. Once graduated, he immediately entered Kohera’s kingdom. It’s impossible to still call him a junior, when you take a closer look at the knowledge and skills he has acquired in such a short time. Where can you find Michael in his free time? On an adventurous quest through Dungeons & Dragons, and working on his own microserver.

At 05:56, the alarm goes off for the first time, but I choose to snooze just a little longer
At 06:15 I’m ready to get up and hop into the shower. Today I’m going to work at the Sint-Maarten General Hospital (AZSTM) in Mechelen. I’m responsible for the Emmaüs SQL Servers that are not supervised by the vendors themselves. To be precise, I take care of about 40 different SQL servers with more or less 800 databases. The environment is not small, and there are a lot of different versions, to say the least.



Arriving at work

At 06:45 I start my car. I live in Hamont, the most northerly town of Limburg. Waze informs me that my ETA will be 08:12. Fortunately, there’s less traffic, because it’s the holidays. I arrive at 08:04, just a little earlier than Waze had told me.

Another early bird is joining me today. I work on my AZSTM laptop, but I use my Kohera laptop as a second screen to look something up and open my scripts on.


Checking back-ups 

Time for some action. I have my own AZSTM mailbox, in which I read the 56 emails of last week. One of the jobs is to check the backups of all servers on a daily basis. All people in charge of infrastructure get an overview with both all correct and incorrect backups. It’s my job to find out why a certain backup has failed. Luckily, not a single backup failed today! This is not always the case.<FOTO FAILED BACK-UPS> After that, I go through a couple of scripts to check the most important things. These are my usual scripts to check the disk space, failed jobs and maintenance script errors.

Let’s have a look at which tickets are still open. At the moment, there are four. One incident with a supplier involves a script that needs more than an hour to be performed. I confer with a fellow Koherian to find out which solution would be the best. Next step: testing. When this is finished, the script only needs 30 seconds to be performed. That’s what we do it for!

My stomach starts growling. Working in a hospital has some advantages. Hot meals, for example, can be bought at a favourable price. Today’s menu: delicious soup and a tasty sandwich.


Coding in PowerShell

For the afternoon Some quick nibbles have been planned. We’ve just set up a new AlwaysOn cluster, and not only do we want to copy the logins between the servers, but also the jobs. A very nice project to begin with in PowerShell. After a few lines of code and with the assistance of DBATools, I’ve laid the foundation for the script.


Now the dynamic construction can begin, so that we need to fill in as little parameters as possible. We add some more lines of code, insert some T-SQL, and finish with the server names. And then? Testing, testing, testing.



At 16:30 it’s time to go home again. According to Waze, I’ll open my front door at 17:55. I’m all set for a relaxing end of the day. Some streams and episodes on Netflix later, I hit the sack. Tomorrow will be a new exciting day in the Mechelen-based hospital.


5. You still go to school

Technology never stops evolving, and so do wizards. That’s why continuous learning is one of Kohera’s corporate pillars. And that’s why we’re the ideal company for interns. Are you ready for a kick-ass internship at Kohera?


Why choose Kohera? 

Still a student? Perfect, because you can learn from the best at Kohera. We employ quite some bright minds, but this doesn’t mean we’re clerically dull. On the contrary, our banter and jokes are legendary (or so we tend to believe). And the icing on the cake? Kohera wants to grow, so a job offer after your internship is no mission impossible.


Nicolas did his internship with Kohera

Nicolas Wille

During my undergraduate training, I had the opportunity to gain ten weeks’ work experience at a company of my choice. I decided to do my internship with Kohera, together with another fellow student, because both the project I was able to work on and the approach adopted by our supervisors very much appealed to me.

We were given the freedom to find things out for ourselves and could always rely on the Kohera team’s expertise if we got stuck and needed some explanation. Even as a trainee, you feel that Kohera has an incredibly supportive and friendly working environment, where colleagues value each other and help out when necessary. They treated me as a fully-fledged colleague and were really good at integrating me in the team.

The internship was slightly unusual, though, because of measures imposed as a result of COVID-19. This meant we had to work fully remotely, but I’m really grateful that Kohera still gave me the opportunity to gain this valuable work experience. Admittedly, working from home wasn’t always easy, but it’s okay for things to be difficult sometimes too.

Doing the internship at Kohera was a highly informative and fun experience. I think the letters in their name stand for the following:

  • K = Kwaliteit (Quality) – the work that Kohera delivers is of the very highest standard
  • O = Original – they think outside the box to develop solutions
  • H = Humorous – there can be and is lots of laughter
  • E = Efficient – the solutions they deliver aren’t just high in quality, but also as efficient as possible
  • R = Revolutionary – Kohera believes in the ‘play where the puck is going’ principle; they make sure they’re always one step ahead and ready for the future
  • A = Agreeable – you’re placed in a friendly team where you feel at home right away


Kohera is basically the place to be if you’re passionate about working with data.


Wannes learned about data at Kohera

Wannes VannesteWith my bachelor’s thesis and internship drawing in close, my curiosity for data-related IT applications grew. So I went and knocked on Kohera’s door to ask if I could do my internship with them.

The interest was mutual and in no time I began my ten-week internship at Kohera, together with fellow student Nicolas. If I’m being honest, when starting the internship I had some worries. Not about the company, but about myself. ‘Would I be good enough?’ was a question that regularly popped into my head.

However, it soon turned out there was nothing to be worried about. After all, ‘it’s okay not to know, it’s not okay not to dare’ is one of Kohera’s core values. As long as you show a willingness to learn, you’ll always have a team or colleagues you can count on to help. Both me and Nicolas, my fellow student, have seen this value put into practice multiple times. Projects just don’t always go according to plan.

After the first week, I already felt at home. The mood was great and I immediately became part of a team of awesome colleagues. Even in times of corona, when working from home is the norm. Kohera went to great lengths to make sure we all felt connected. We held short team calls every day to make sure everyone was up to speed. During a lunch break, they even organized a small trivia quiz.

I can look back fondly at a great internship. I learned a lot about Azure, SQL, ETL and Power BI, and I also realised you don’t need to know everything before starting an internship. As long as you want to learn, there will always be colleagues who are eager to help. And as always, “play where the puck is going!”


6. You don’t match one of the descriptions, but you’re a great fan of Kohera

Are you one of Kohera’s number one fans?

Perfect, you already have something in common with us. Feel free to visit our kingdom and see what we can offer you.