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17 May 2022
Sending monitoring alerts through Telegram

What if you could get the ease of phone notifications for whatever monitoring alerts you need? We show you how to integrate Telegram in your PowerShell scripts to do just that!

24 Mar 2022
Send mails with Azure Elastic Database Jobs

The DatabaseMail feature in SQL Server and Managed Instance is widely used by many professionals. But what if you want a similar functionality in Azure SQL Database? There are options, but it requires a bit of tinkering. Tinkering that we gladly explain in this blog.

24 Feb 2022
Sorting matrices in Power BI

A client asked to track which content on SharePoint was performing well. One of their requests – sorting the matrices by different values – for the Power BI report turned out to be as tricky to implement, as it seemed straightforward when I first heard it. A rare occurrence! Let’s explore the solution to this conundrum.

27 Jan 2022
The world of data is evolving

The data landscape has changed dramatically over recent years. Is cloud-only still the credo? And what about Big Data? In this article, we explore the data trends for the coming year.