Microsoft data passionate

Spontaneous application

Microsoft data aficionado at Kohera

Placed on 29 November 2020

 There’s no vacancy at the moment, but getting to know each other is always a good idea, wouldn’t you say? At least if what you read below, sounds like music to your ears! 😊

We’re consultants, which means we help various customers (partly on site and partly from our home or Kohera office) to find Microsoft cloud, on premise or hybrid Business Intelligence solutions in order to structure data. Whether you choose the more technical path with dba or data engineering or the business side of things such as ETL, analyses, reporting and visualization, we are the wizards that turn data into knowledge.

 Working on projects, long-term assignments or a combination of both, everything is possible. The more experience you have, the more you get to steer this process yourself. Depending on the assignment you work alone or together, you take the project management role or not. Variation and continuous learning by doing are exactly why you should choose this job!

Listen and read about our colleagues and how a day at Kohera can look like.

Do you have:

  • A passion for Microsoft data platform;
  • And you feel you would blend in at Kohera nicely?
  • Fun is serious business indeed
  • Let’s do this! Feet firmly on the ground
  • People always come first. Always.
  • Continuous learning is a treat, not a chore and you won’t stop until you’ve shared what you know with everyone else.

And what’s in for me? 

  • A big team of technical helpful soulmates has your back.
  • On our payroll or on a freelance base, both are possible.
  • Kohera is a small company fit for humans (<50), but part of the big Cronos group. So the best of both worlds.
  • Salary depends on the candidate (experience, expertise). In case of payroll, there is a complete package (car, phone & subscription, net extra’s ..) Thanks to Cronos you could go to the osteopath for free, get various benefits or go to the renowned Saint Nicolas party.😊

Want to get to know us?

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