about us

about us

Smarter Decisions

Organisations have a lot of valuable information stored in their IT systems. Our services offer decision makers fast and easy access to those information sources, and convert those into optimised company processes and better insights.

Kohera is a unique and full-service supplier of the Microsoft Data Platform. We are the largest company focusing entirely on Azure Data Services, SQL Server and Power BI. Thanks to our acquired in-depth knowledge, we can help you solve any problem, both corporate and technological.

Our people

Kohera’s expert team, or wizards, as we like to call them, completely focuses on the implementation of the Microsoft Data Platform. We cooperate closely with Microsoft. Thanks to our Gold Partnership with Microsoft, we are also involved in several “preview programmes”, enabling us to acquire knowledge of new technologies or solutions before they’re even available on the market. As a result, we can always give our customers the right advice, even about new possibilities, because “we like to play where the puck is going!”

A pragmatic approach

Our projects are always based on the following four key elements: budget, content, timing and quality. We manage these with a “can do” attitude, so that success is guaranteed. Our experience with many challenging projects makes sure that our project and implementation approach, based on the Agility and the Kimball BI Lifecycle method, never ceases to improve.

A pragmatic project approach is strengthened by consistent management. The roles and responsibilities of all those involved are always clearly defined and followed up closely. We always aim at the end result, but we provide a surplus value throughout the process. Customers therefore benefit from the advantages as soon as the project starts. New insights on extra possibilities that arise during the implementation are passed on to the project team on a frequent basis.