This three-day instructor-led SQL DBA training gives an overview of the different SQL Server database engine components.

We start with an introduction to SQL Server and what the internal architecture of SQL Server looks like. We then dig deeper into database structures. We also learn about different system databases and their purpose. Our discussions cover different backup and restore techniques, so that you can protect yourselves against potential database corruption. We explain the difference between a SQL Server user and a SQL Server login and elaborate on SQL Server security.

In a separate topic, we learn about database maintenance, how to keep your indexes and statistics healthy, and what you need to do to check your database integrity. Additionally, we provide you with a range of practical techniques for monitoring and troubleshooting. We discuss policy-based management and the use of a central management server, and we go into greater depth about automating your tasks with SQL Server Agent.

This comprehensive course includes the option to do additional exercises or take a more in-depth look at disaster recovery and high availability techniques.

Training duration: 3 days.

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