Five-day POC of our Modern Data Platform

Get more out of your data with Azure Data Services

Delivering datasets to end users as quickly as possible is crucial for self-service BI, for example. Unfortunately, it’s no easy task. That’s why we’ve developed a new data architecture in the cloud: Kohera’s Modern Data Platform. You get the most out of your data resources with a warehouse that’s flexible, cost-efficient and future-proof.

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What our 5-day PoC offers you

Are these issues familiar?

  • You only use Azure Data Services when you need them, so you only pay for these moments?
  • Traditional ‘on-premises’ data warehouses often operate for nothing. Do you use the data for analyses during the day, and is their sole purpose at night to load data?
  • Can you switch this service off in the early hours, and still have up-to-date information for your employees to use in Power BI, for example, in the morning?
  • Do you wish you could pay less because you use less, without any loss of productivity, and upscale or downscale the environment when needed?
  • Do you want to cope with peak moments perfectly and still do your ad hoc analyses very quickly, like our customers on the Modern Data Platform?

What the Modern Data Platform covers

  • It is installed with the latest Azure standards and features, to gain insights from your data with minimal effort.
  • It can handle all kinds of input: Internet of Things, your CRM or ERP, HDInsight and Stream Analytics, Azure Data Lake Storage, Data Factory, Data Catalog,... Even machine learning is possible.
  • It has self-learning algorithms to analyse your data and keep you a step ahead of the competition.

How it works

  • With our own blueprint for this cloud data platform, we can quickly plug in your data sources so you can get started straight away.
  • We follow this blueprint over the course of a 5-day proof of concept, where we set up your environment in Azure and load your input sources to ensure you can see the results in Power BI.
  • We also draw up a roadmap of the next steps together with you. Even in an international context, Kohera’s cloud data platform has proven to be completely future-proof.

Five-day Proof of Concept

  • You use less so you pay less
  • The platform is completely future-proof, even in an international context


  • 5-day Proof of Concept
  • Visible results in Power BI
  • A roadmap of the next steps


  • Fixed price at 5,990.00 euros, VAT exclusive





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