Nick Faes

18 feb 2019 The Kohera DNA and me

Working for Kohera is more than a day-to-day job. In fact, it’s a passion that started five years ago. Because it does not always have to be technical, I would like to give you some shop-floor insights and somehow reflect my five years of experience so far.

23 jan 2019 How To videos: Power BI and Python (part I & II)

Python is a great addition to the Power BI family by providing you the ability to perform quick data transformation or plot cool data visualizations. Our Power BI wizard Ken Faes gives you an introduction in setting up Python in Power BI...

04 jul 2017 SQL Spot – Part 6

Summer holidays are coming up: perfect timing to take that moment of peace and quiet you had been waiting for and catch up on some of the most recent SQL updates with our monthly SQL Spot. And once again, our thanks to the neverending support and input of  SQL blogging community!

13 jun 2017 SQL Spot – Part 5

Losing sight of what are the most relevant updates on SQL Server 2016? Well, there is no need to spend countless hours browsing the internet. We made another our SQL Spot summary of the most interesting updates and changes for all SQL lovers.

22 mei 2017 SQL Spot – Part 4

It is all about the data these days, and that is exciting. The increasing growth of data technologies is on an all-time high. With our SQL Spot we try to gather some intel for all SQL Server enthusiasts, to feed you professionally or just your common hungry personal interest.

11 apr 2017 SQL Spot – Part 3

The growth spurt of SQL Server 2016 and all its related dimensions is hard to follow. Yet with our SQL spot we try to gather some intel for all SQL Server enthusiasts. As always, we try to share some interesting articles, which crossed our paths recently, either professionally or out of personal interest. The gathered community information addresses a healthy BI perspective, ranging from business to technical insights on various topics: SQL Server news, Power BI, SQL Server BI stack, features, data science topics, accidental DBA stuff and interesting learning or study materials.

28 mrt 2017 SQL Spot – Part 2

Hi there. Back again with more splendid community articles. Once again I tried gathering some noticeable information for you on common SQL Server topics regarding business, BI, Data Science, Azure, maintenance, tuning, learning and more…. As always, all rights go out to the community for putting in all the work.

21 feb 2017 SQL Spot – Part 1

It has been going fast in 2016 for Microsoft BI. If we continue to move on like this, we’re in for a treat in 2017. I want to share some interesting articles, which crossed my path in the past month.

10 jan 2017 This was Microsoft BI in 2016

With the latest version of Microsoft SQL Server, we – BI folks – have a lot of new features to play with. Power BI has also made an enormous progress in 2016. Let’s take a look at some of the new, enhanced and/or interesting features of 2016.