Parameter sniffing solved with new Parameter Sensitive Plan Optimization feature

If you’re someone that works a lot with Microsoft SQL Server, there’s no doubt that you’ve had issues with an issue called “Parameter sniffing” before. Up until now, you had to figure out a way around it. SQL Server 2022 solves this issue – almost completely – through a new feature called Parameter Sensitive Plan […]

SQL Server Reporting Services 2019: what has changed compared to earlier versions?

When trying to do a standard install of SQL Server, you may have noticed that the 2017 or newer versions of SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) aren’t installed as well. That’s because SSRS now has its own separate installer. In this blog, we’ll show some of the changes compared to older versions of the software […]

Een inleiding tot Partitioning, deel 1

Naar aanleiding van een migratieproject bij een van onze klanten, kreeg ik inspiratie om enkele zaken rond Partitioning uit te klaren. Partitioning is geen performance feature, maar is voornamelijk een methode om het management van grote tabellen te vergemakkelijken. Dat betekent dat het geen invloed kan hebben op de performance. Wel integendeel, het kan zowel […]

Should I use serverless for all my Azure SQL Databases?

When I first heard about the new serverless compute tier, I wondered if I could use it for all my Azure SQL databases to save my clients some money. (Spoiler alert, you can’t 🙂 ) But first things first, what the heck is serverless? Azure SQL Database serverless is a new compute tier made for […]

Prevent lock escalation on indexed views

Recently I was at a customer who had created an indexed view which spanned multiple tables as part of a release. Although the index was already created, it wasn’t being used by the application yet. Short after the release, they noticed large blocking chains. When large(r) operations were executed on one of the underlying tables, […]

The Chamber of SQL Part 4: What is a managed instance?

Stefanie was planning to update her knowledge on Microsoft Azure. After a good night rest, she was ready for this new adventure. She opened up her laptop, turned on the power and immediately stopped and stood up. Yep, some things will never change. First things first. Black gold. A good dark and hot ristretto to start […]

SQL Server Plan Guides: A Walkthrough, Part 2

In the first part of this blog series, we looked into the basic plan guide setup, the fact that hints already on the queries will be overwritten by the plan guide and some other intricacies. In this part we will be taking a closer look at somethings you cannot do as well, as how to […]

SQL Server Plan Guides: A Walkthrough Part 1

Plan guides are some strange things, and can be very high risk. This post does not have the intention to get all you fine people to implement plan guides everywhere, it should be one of the last resort options in your toolkit. You will not directly see the query’s being adapted by it, meaning that […]

Migrating Databases using Backup and Restore

In this blog post we will describe how to migrate a SQLServer Database between different SQL Instances using the Backup and Restore procedure. The main advantage from migrating databases this way, is that it is less error prone than other procedures. I would recommend using this method on very static databases or databases where you […]