SQL Server R Services introduction replay

Subject: SQL Server R Services
For: Analysts, SQL Server experts, IT management, BI heroes, anyone with huge amounts of data,…


  • SQL Server R Services
  • Data science
  • Machine learning
  • Example: checking creditworthiness from multiple sources
  • Example: finding geographically relevant algorithms

The talk of the town
Data science seems to be the hottest topic in the IT world, maybe you’ve also read that there are more than one million vacancies for data scientists. Harvard Business Review predicted some five years ago it would be the sexiest job of the century.

We at Kohera, will give you an introduction on what it’s really about. Watch the webinar replay and decide for yourself how sexy this is.

Finding new patterns
Thanks to SQL Server R Services, you can search your data for patterns and algorithms that otherwise might go undetected. Especially machine learning is good at discovering what’s in there that you didn’t yet know.

During the webinar replay we discuss two examples in detail. One will be about checking a customer’s creditworthiness from lots of sources, another one about using R Services to put data on a map in a very meaningful way.

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Sammy Deprez

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