SQL Server September update

Subject: SQL Server 2016 September update
When: Friday September 22nd at 11:30
For: DBAs, developers, system administrators, …

  • Template Explorer
  • Extended Events
  • Central Management Servers
  • Job Servers

SQL Server 2016: expert level
It only seems like yesterday that SQL Server 2016 was launched, yet we are already looking forward to SQL Server 2017. Although, have we mastered SQL Server 2016 fully? We’ve made some magnificent webinars on SQL Server 2016 in which we highlighted the most popular, most common and newest features, but there are still some long forgotten feautures or hidden gems to help you work more efficiently and make you a true SQL 2016 expert.

Long-forgotten features

During this webinar, we’ll take you on a ride through the SQL Server Management Studio to help you execute commands more easily without having to switch between connections when you are working with multiple servers. This trick particularly comes in handy when you often work with Always On Availability Groups. And did you know the Management Studio provides you with predefined templates with code structures? No need to browse the internet anymore, and you can even create your own templates for recurring queries.

Efficient management

Not a fan of repetitive tasks? With the Central Management Servers you consolidate various SQL Servers under one so-called umbrelle server, simplyfing many individual DBA tasks to only one single task. The same principle goes for the Jobs server, by which you can automatically add tasks to many servers at once, instead of individually adding them to each separate server.

Webinar hosted by

Frederik Bogaerts

SQL Server September update

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