Successful companies make the right decisions faster, using business analytics. Whatever your aspirations, analytics is an essential element in defining your strategy and helping you achieve your goals. Give your people easy-to-use business analytics tools which turn data into stunning visualizations that lead to valuable insights, and collaboration tools that make all data – big data and small data – accessible to everyone. This smarter way of working will generate one great idea after another.

Reporting and Analytics

To gain full insight into their data and make more informed decisions, organizations need to make it easy for all their users to get access to the right data at the right time. We can build modern BI solutions based on the Microsoft BI toolset using SharePoint, Microsoft Excel or Power BI for Office 365, with SQL Server working in the background.

With Microsoft BI, you have easy-to-use and surprisingly economical tools that help you access, analyse, report and share insightful information across your organization.

Our BI specialists are available on a project basis or as insourced experts to complement your team.

Data Warehousing

If you lack the means or skills to effectively integrate, store and access your current and historical data, we can offer you a scalable and enterprise-ready data warehouse based on the SQL Server data platform, plus the experts to build and maintain it, giving your IT team the tools to manage data access, quality and compliance.

Together, we will define the most optimal and cost-efficient way of setting up your data warehouse. As well as storing current and historical data efficiently, it will send data from all the relevant sources to your trending reports, such as annual and quarterly comparisons.

Our data warehouse specialists are available on a project basis or as insourced experts to complement your team.

Dashboarding and Scorecards

Would you like a sounding board to help define how to measure the most important criteria for your business operations and company strategy? Together, we will find the KPIs that best monitor your progress, plus the data to support these KPIs.

To create your dashboards and scorecards, we use tools from Microsoft BI. They have built-in capabilities for dashboard and scorecard creation with advanced filtering, guided navigation, interactive analytics and visualizations.

You can count on us for clear and intuitive reports that are easy to use and navigate.

Self-service Power BI

User expectations are changing, and people are demanding self-service access to more and more types of data. A BI solution isn’t complete if it can’t pull in external data from a marketplace, or unstructured data from Hadoop, and easily combine them with existing enterprise data on-premises or in the cloud. Self-service is possible with Microsoft’s Power BI software and allows business users to build their own reports and dashboards from scratch.

Self-service BI can be useful for checking hypotheses, creating personal reports that you won’t use very often, testing the possibilities of a new report that you have in mind, or quickly looking up extra details in existing reports. Many organizations combine BI run by the IT department with self-service BI, where the latter acts as a sort of laboratory for future company-wide projects.

We can install and configure the Microsoft Power BI suite for you and train your users, such as business analysts, financial experts, controllers and more.

Master Data Management

For your most important data, such as product or customer information, you need single points of reference. Your transactions and decisions depend on this “single version of the truth”, the so-called Master Data.

We can help you define or rework your Master Data and build or optimize the central database that will maintain the standard version of them. We can also assist you in developing, updating, fine-tuning and documenting the processes that keep your Master Data fully up-to-date in real time.

Our Master Data management specialists are available on a project basis or as short-term experts to complement your team.

Cloud BI

BI works through applications that need a lot of peak capacity and at the same time stand idle for hours or days, sometimes even weeks. Results from BI, such as reports and dashboards, need to be shared easily and securely with people inside and outside your organization, at their desks and on the road.

Cloud computing is designed to solve these two issues (absorbing capacity peaks and sharing information) at the lowest possible cost. That’s why we can offer you advice and the most suitable architecture for cloud-based BI in our own data centre’s private cloud or in Microsoft’s public Azure cloud.

Big Data and Internet of Things

Are you struggling to gain insight from an unprecedented volume of data that you’re capturing from internal and external sources, including social media and intelligent devices? Is processing, mining and analysing these huge amounts of unstructured data in real time (such as files, images, videos, blogs, clickstreams, and geo-spatial data combined with more traditional data from ERP systems, CRM software, email and your data warehouse) becoming too much?

Together, we can solve these issues with HDInsight. HDInsight is Microsoft’s cloud solution to collect and crunch up to petabytes of data from all types of sources. Although this setup is pretty innovative, your IT team can use it with their current knowledge of Windows, and business users can use it with their current knowledge of Excel.

We can assist you with the deployment and configuration of the cloud software, the setup of the data collection and processing, plus analysis and reporting in Microsoft Excel or Power BI.