CPM Software empowers business users. Designed to operate with minimal IT support, it automates timeconsuming processes and so improves accuracy and the ability to respond to changes. CPM is your solution for easier budgeting, planning, forecasting, reporting and financial consolidation.

Financial planning and more

Many organizations have multiple businesses, product lines, departments and geographical locations. Aggregating all the related data for budgeting and long-term strategic planning can be tough. CPM software solves this problem with integrated financial planning that also improves long-term strategic decision-making.

Integrated financial planning combines technology – Prophix CPM software on top of your Microsoft databases – and processes to connect the planning function across an organization and improve operational alignment and financial performance. It enables companies to link strategic and operational planning with financial planning.

The Prophix CPM software has also been used successfully for revenue planning, personnel planning, product profitability planning, balance sheet and cash flow planning, customer profitability planning, capital expenditure planning, manufacturing operations performance, supply chain efficiency, incentive compensation planning, IT project planning and market operations planning.


Budgeting is the core of CPM. Over 65% of customers who use Prophix CPM begin with a budgeting implementation. This enables them to automate other processes within the finance department and see how to manage financial data more effectively. They can also automate the budget submission and review process through appropriate workflows.

Your budget’s accuracy is improved because data is pulled directly from other applications, such as your financial systems. Since manual entry of data into spreadsheets is no longer necessary, the risk of errors is also reduced.


With Prophix CPM – which works on top of your Microsoft databases – you can produce rolling forecasts, multi-year forecasts, daily forecasts and driver-based forecasts. Not only does the centralized application simplify the organization of fragmented data from multiple sources, but it also enables you to easily change assumptions and create multiple scenarios.

Other benefits include a centralized business logic because you no longer have to create and maintain formulas in a spreadsheet. Prophix ensures that your calculation requirements are applied consistently. There’s also automated integration of actual, planned and forecasted data. Moreover, Prophix’s workflow capabilities allow you to track inputs, changes and approvals – giving you collaborative accountability and increased visibility.


Prophix CPM adds a standardized process and control to your financial consolidation. Rather than manually collecting data from different sources and formats, you can use the software to automate data collection and consolidate the information for better quality and consistency.

Your CPM software allows you to summarize operational data for all your subsidiaries, create a single set of financial statements and ensure compliance with different regulatory requirements.

Work that previously required extensive hours and several reviews to ensure accuracy can now be completed within minutes. No more overtime and you can be sure that the data are correct.

Sophisticated workflow capabilities remove the burden of having to manage and remind other stakeholders that they need to submit their financial information. With Prophix, you can schedule alerts to be sent on your behalf. Workflows also provides the structured review and approval process you need to ensure the data’s security and auditability.