When you think SQL Server, think Kohera. Whether you’re looking for expert SQL database administrators, an audit of your systems, any type of performance tuning, database consolidation and migration, on-premises or hybrid our cloud software, high availability or disaster recovery set-ups, we will always find the best solution at the lowest cost.

Database administration

As expert database administrators for hire, we will take good care of your SQL Server environment and help it to run smoothly and deliver optimal performance. We’ll be glad to be your trusted SQL database mechanic who makes sure your engines run without a hitch, with everything based on solid architecture design, maintenance and backup plans.

Not only do we provide excellent maintenance, but we also take care of configuration optimization, high availability and clustering, replication and mirroring, extra security and maintenance automation.

Whatever the issue – whether your applications are too slow, you’re missing backup schedules, you need better availability, or it’s just all becoming too much work – you can count on us for short term or long-term assistance.

Audit, health check and performance tuning

Our audit and diagnostic service does an automated check-up of your SQL Server environment to uncover any issues before they become a real problem. We check your systems thoroughly and provide a detailed report with an overview of potential issues and an enhancement plan explaining how to solve them.

The unique feature of the audit is that it’s automated. Our own diagnostic software collects all the information, which is then analysed by our SQL Server experts. This is much faster and provides much more detail compared to a manual audit.

We can help you with designing the optimal architecture before development starts, setting up and tuning your system during the development life cycle, running your existing applications at their full potential and checking for hardware and software optimization.

Consolidation and migration

Companies consolidate, upgrade and migrate to save on costs, make maintenance easier and less expensive, use new features and sort out their licensing. We can assist you with all types of SQL Server upgrade, migration and consolidation projects. You can count on our extensive experience, expert SQL database administrators, proven methodology and best practices for an excellent result.

We migrate existing databases (Oracle, DB2, Sybase, Access, Teradata, etc.) to SQL Server, to an on-premises, hybrid, private cloud or the public Microsoft Azure cloud.

Consolidation of your existing SQL databases into a new architecture offers you more scalability, better performance and lower licence costs. We often combine these projects with upgrades and migration for extra cost savings.

High availability and AlwaysOn

AlwaysOn is a well-known standard feature of the SQL Server Enterprise Edition that quickly and natively adds High Availability (HA) to an SQL Server environment. If your needs analysis makes it clear that you require 99.99% availability, AlwaysOn functionality could well be the ideal solution.

In all other cases we will analyse your situation and critical applications to provide advice on the best high availability solution for your needs. Together we will define the most interesting scenario for the lowest cost.

For Disaster Recovery (DR) too, you can expect us to advise you on the most suitable solution based on your needs. A cloud solution for DR allows you to keep your recovery systems in standby mode and since it is based on a pay-per-use pricing model, the solution comes with a very low price tag.

ETL tuning

If your SQL Server Integration Services or your Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) processes become too complex or time-consuming, you can call us to simplify them and bring them up to speed again. Our ETL experts will assist you in redefining your ETL code and workflows, and rewrite your Transact-SQL statements or SSIS procedures where necessary.

More and more companies are working with real-time synchronization between different data sets, making smooth ETL processes more pressing than ever. We can help you out.

Our ETL services always include comprehensive documentation. We thoroughly document the elements of the ETL framework you’re using, how the process flows and how your code is structured. After all, it’s important that future users of your SQL environment also understand how the system works.

Analysis Services tuning

Fast and flexible business analytics depends on the setup of the SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) models on your data warehouse.

If you find that that the SSAS models you’re using are running too slow, that their structure is too complex or that you need extra advanced calculations, then our business intelligence experts are there to help you.

Our SSAS experts will work together with your analysts to sweep your data models and clean duplicate code, unnecessary details, missed loops, hierarchical relations gone wrong, incoherent measurement standards, aggregation possibilities and more. All this will make sure that your analytical capabilities are running at full speed.