You can use your SQL Server databases in the cloud without any upfront investment. You can also stop worrying about your hardware, servicing, security, software issues, patching, updates, upgrades and backups. Or maybe it has becoming more difficult to manage all your hardware because of ever-increasing amounts of data and associated security threats? We can help you make the right choices for the most suitable cloud model.

Lower budgets

Servers for in-house databases are usually set for desired peak capacity, so they only use a fraction of their CPU power under normal operating conditions. This means relatively high costs during quieter moments if you use software that you pay for per processor, as is the case with SQL Server.

Reliable backup and recovery

Backup processes don’t always run smoothly in all companies. We use the cloud to simplify your entire SQL Server infrastructure and data backup. Making backups of your in-house and cloud data automatically at the right time reduces the risk of any loss of data. Fast data recovery guaranteed.

Business continuity guaranteed

Make sure your business keeps running, even if there’s a major technical issue. Fewer and fewer companies are installing and maintaining their own business continuity infrastructure because the cloud is a very beneficial and useful alternative. You pay next to nothing for the infrastructure when you’re not using it, and it’s always there when you want it.

SQL Server 2016

Take advantage of all the new features in SQL Server 2016 – such as increased peak capacity, extra continuity options, faster backup and recovery, and more capacity at lower cost – by working with a hybrid cloud.

Managed Services

Together we will find your perfect solution by seeing what can be done better or more efficiently in the cloud. This results in a hybrid cloud tailored to your company’s requirements, with less upfront investment and the right operational cost.

You can rely on our expertise and our SQL Server cloud partner Uptime Elastics for your SQL Server as a Service. We will happily to care of it all so you have more time and budget for your core tasks.

Our service packs

Kohera offers a wide range of service packs to give you the custom support you need. Our service desk a motivated team of professionals and acts as a single point of contact. This way we can guarantee you swift, efficient and high-quality solutions within the shortest response time.

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