Power BI


Successful companies make the best decisions faster thanks to business analytics. Whatever your ambitions may be, analysing is an essential element in determining your strategy and achieving your goals. Give your people and customers the easy analytic tools to visualise data clearly and gain valuable insights. Also provide them with tools to cooperate and make all data – big and small – accessible to everyone. Employ Power BI for your people and work smarter to get more good ideas!


Reports and analysis tools

Everyone should be able to consult the right data at the right moment. We build a modern analytics platform based on Power BI, Excel, Azure Data Services and SQL Server. Sturdy, scalable, and tailored to your needs.

Data warehousing

When you don’t have the possibilities or skills to integrate, save and consult your current and past data, we offer you a ready-made and scalable data warehouse based on SQL Server or Azure Data Warehouse.

Dashboards en scorecards

Do you want a sounding board that helps you with defining and measuring the most important KPIs for your activities and business strategy? We gladly help you with setting up a Power BI environment, both for internal and embedded use to offer your customers insights too.

Self Service Power BI

A BI solution is not complete when it cannot gather market data or unstructured data and combine these with existing data that are present within the company or cloud. In this case, Power BI offers the best and most flexible solution. What’s even more, it is user-friendly for any type of user.

Master data management

You need unique data sources for your most important data, such as product or customer information. Your transactions and decisions depend on this “unique version of the truth”, your so-called Master Data. We can help you with defining or revising your Master Data.

BI in the cloud

Cloud computing has been developed to meet the capacity peaks required by BI. Next to that, it offers a safe place to share those reports and dashboards both internally and externally at the lowest possible cost.

Big Data and Internet of Things

Do you struggle with gaining insights from a vast data quantity on social media and intelligent devices? Does real-time processing, finding and analysing this enormous amount of unstructured data seem like an insurmountable task? Together we can solve this by using Azure Data Services, such as IOT Hub, Datalake or Databricks,…

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Power BI October 2018 update

In this webinar, we will guide you through the most important new features Microsoft Power BI has to offer. These features will help you to increase the usability and the visual possibilities of your reports.

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World Cup Russia in Power BI

At Kohera, we love Power BI… and football. That’s why we created a fun dashboard in Power Bi about the upcoming World Cup in Russia. In this webinar, we’ll show you the possibilities in Power BI to create insights in the World Cup.

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Power BI April 2018 update

Microsoft Power BI helps you collect, analyse and visualise your data, transforming it into valuable and clear insights. Power BI releases a few very handy new features, and we’re happy to share them with you.

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How to create a date table in Power BI in 2 simple steps

With the introduction of “calculated columns” in Power BI, it's very easy to create a complete date table is just 2 simple steps.

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De Tijdloze 100 in Power BI

We houden de resultaten van de Tijdloze 100 al enkele jaren bij in een handig Power BI dashboard. Ondertussen hebben we ook de gegevens van de meest recente editie 2018 in ons Power BI rapport geladen.

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How to Automatically add measures to Power BI

Some time ago I wrote a blogpost to retrieve all the measures from your tabular cube or from your open Power BI files. I want to make a simple addition to this blog, more specifically one that unravels a technique that can be used to automate some actions in Power BI.

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