Kinepolis Group

Flexible BI environment in the cloud provides Kinepolis Group with new insights and a better customer experience

Kinepolis Group receives and processes a lot of customer data. With this information, the European cinema operator wants to serve its customers even better and offer them a unique cinema experience. However, Kinepolis didn’t succeed in interpreting all acquired information sufficiently to gain new insights. That’s why the company contacted Kohera to develop a Microsoft BI platform and draw a roadmap to the Azure cloud. Kinepolis now has a flexible and future-oriented cloud environment with modern reporting possibilities at its disposal. It is ready to tackle the challenges of the future.

“We always try to offer our customers the ultimate film experience in one of our 23 multiplexes”, says Bjorn Van Reet, CIO of Kinepolis Group. “To do so, it is necessary to process the information from our customers obtained by various channels as correctly as possible. Of course, we want to get the most out of it, and that’s where the shoe pinched.”

Powerful reporting tool in a flexible cloud environment

Kinepolis has grown substantially in recent years, partly due to takeovers. The IT platform it used came up against its capacity limits. “The need for a modern, flexible and future-oriented IT environment with reporting possibilities only increased”, says Bjorn Van Reet.

bjorn van reet about power bi at Kinepolis group


In its search for a new reporting tool, the cinema operator first examined in-house which technology would be best suited to meet its needs. “We opted for Microsoft Power BI, because we already had acquired a lot of know-how of the Microsoft platform”, says Carlo Wambeke, IT manager of Kinepolis Group. Furthermore, the platform is located in the cloud, whereas we have also drawn a roadmap to the cloud.

“The aim of the BI project we started with Kohera is to find out why our customers go to the cinema. That’s why we have to be able to read, understand and interpret the collected data correctly. Only by doing so, we can gain new insights, draw conclusions and bring the right products on the market. Microsoft Power BI enables us to analyse those data and integrate them into our processes”, Bjorn Van Reet concludes.

Dynamic IT environment in the Azure cloud

Next to opting for Microsoft Power BI, Kinepolis Group and Kohera drew a roadmap to the Azure Cloud. “Thanks to this, we also have an appropriate architecture, in which our BI environment can function flexibly”, says Carlo Wambeke. “First, we have set up a Proof of Concept, for which we used the different components of the Microsoft Azure platform, such as the Azure Data Warehouse, the Azure Data Factory for data integration, Data Lakes for data storage and a piece of Machine Learning. This enables us to respond dynamically to the new needs and challenges of the market.”

“After that positive POC, we have decided to purchase premium capacity for Power BI. Now we can create dashboards, with which we can monitor our network easily. Those dashboards are also depicted as presentation layers in our Network Operations Center.”

bjorn van reet with Kinepolis Group projector

Thanks to the choice for Azure, the cloud of Microsoft, Kinepolis Group can now quickly anticipate to new needs and create additional capacity flexibly. The company already had acquired a lot of in-house know-know of the Microsoft platform, particularly in the BI team. “The existing services and reports can now be easily transferred to the new cloud environment. Thanks to some new functionalities in Power BI, we can also integrate our existing reports into the reporting services of Microsoft”, says Carlo Wambeke.


Experienced partner for BI and analytics

Within its ICT strategy, Kinepolis Group is especially looking for a small number of partners and technologies that can complement the company in the best possible way. Bjorn Van Reet: “We try to keep our knowledge in-house and surround ourselves with partners that can offer technical assistance or plot a new course with us. Kohera is our partner for everything that has to do with BI and analytics.”

“We have chosen Kohera, because it is a company that matches the values and norms of Kinepolis Group perfectly. Their experts have been a strong asset to our BI team. This cooperation made it possible to create a successful project. We now know where we stand today and to where we want to go in the future”, Bjorn Van Reet concludes.