SQL as a Service support

Kohera offers a wide range of service packs to give you the custom support you need. Our service desk is a motivated team of professionals and acts as a single point of contact. This way, we can guarantee you swift, efficient and high-quality solutions within the shortest response time.

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What our service packs offer

Are these issues familiar?

  • Do you have an in-house team to manage and maintain your databases?
  • Does your team have the necessary expertise and knowledge?
  • Do you want to allocate your resources to other departments?
  • Do you need more time to focus on your core business?

What the service packs cover

  • Custom support
  • A motivated team of professionals
  • Efficient and high-quality solutions
  • Short response time

How it works

  • Kohera utilizes the ITIL methodology to achieve your SLAs for implemented Microsoft BI or SQL Server solutions.
  • Registered incidents are either handled or appointed to the most qualified implementation team.


  • Service contract 8am - 6pm at €490.00/month
  • Service contract 24h/5 days at €1490.00/month
  • Service contract 24h/7 days at €1990.00/month

Service level

  • Intervention P1 (2h) at €170.00/hour
  • Intervention P2 (4h) at €160.00/hour
  • Intervention P3 (next business day on-site) at €150.00/hour
  • Intervention P4 (next business week on-site) at €130.00/hour

Optional services

  • Proactive maintenance at €995.00/day
  • SQL proactive monitoring at €350.00/month
  • Monthly remote check at €400.00/month




Interested in ordering this SQL as a Service?

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