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When you think SQL Server, think Kohera. We will always find the best solution at the lowest cost.


Whether you’re looking for expert SQL database administrators, an audit of your systems, any type of performance tuning, database consolidation and migration, on-premises or hybrid our cloud software, high availability or disaster recovery set-ups, we will always find the best solution at the lowest cost.

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You can use your SQL Server databases in the cloud without any upfront investment. You can also stop worrying about your hardware, servicing, security, software issues, patching, updates, upgrades and backups. We can help you make the right choices for the most suitable cloud model.

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Europ Assistance

Custom service with fast reporting at Europ Assistance


High availability and operational reliability with Artilium

Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg

East-Limburg Hospital first to store patient records in the cloud

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SQL Server september update

It only seems like yesterday that SQL Server 2016 was launched, yet we are already looking forward to SQL Server 2017. Although, have we mastered SQL Server 2016 fully? There are still some long forgotten feautures or hidden gems to help you work more efficiently and make you a true SQL 2016 expert.

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SQL Server 2016

During this webinar replay we demonstrate that the Standard edition functionalities have become more extensive, resulting in more possibilities for you to process and analyse your data.

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SQL Server R Services introduction

Data science seems to be the hottest topic in the IT world, maybe you've also read that there are more than one million vacancies for data scientists. We at Kohera, will give you an introduction on what it's really about. Watch the webinar replay and decide for yourself how sexy this is.

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Efficient and clear-cut monitoring with SQL Operations Studio

A while ago, Microsoft released a preview version of SQL Operations Studio. This new software package is supposed to simplify database management by putting frequently used queries into an organized dashboard. We’ve tested the preview version to get acquainted with it.

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Use PowerShell to get all the Measures from a 2016 Tabular Cube

With Analysis services 2016 and Analysis Services Management Object (AMO) we now have some powerful tooling to automate our cube with, for example, PowerShell. In fact, it's now even (relatively) easy to retrieve all the measures from a cube in just a few seconds.

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Een veilige SQL-database in vijf stappen dankzij Azure

Data beveiligen is de uitdaging van de eeuw. Er zijn tal van momenten en manieren waarop iemand met slechte bedoelingen aan je gegevens kan komen. Je infrastructuur wordt rechtstreeks aangevallen of gebruikers worden overtuigd om schadelijk software te installeren.

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Graph Data in SQL 2017

One of the new features in SQL 2017 is a way to save Graph Data. First time I heard the term “graph” I was stunned… Graph Data? First thing, I thought that came into my mind: “Why would you save charts (graphs)”. Nevertheless, that is not what Graph Data is. When we are speaking about Graph Data we are not speaking about tables anymore..

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