All advantages of the cloud

Benefits of the cloud

Thanks to the cloud, you can use your SQL Server databases without investing in advance. No more bad dreams about hardware, maintenance, data growth, security management, software recovery, patching, updates, upgrades and backups. We can help you with choosing the right and most suitable cloud model.


Lower budgets

Servers for databases on your own infrastructure can mostly cope with the desired peak capacity. That means they only use a small part of their CPU power in normal working circumstances. When you use software for which you pay per processor, which is the case for SQL Server, then you pay relatively much for your use during calm moments.

Reliable backup and recovery

Back-up processes do not always go smoothly in many companies. By using the cloud, we simplify this for your whole SQL Server infrastructure and your data. By automatically making backups of cloud data and the data you manage yourself at the right moment, the risk of data loss diminishes. Moreover, quick recovery of data is guaranteed.

Business continuity guaranteed

Make sure your company can be kept running, even when major technical problems occur. Setting up and maintaining an own business continuity  infrastructure is becoming rare these days. The cloud is an extremely advantageous and handy alternative. You pay virtually nothing for an infrastructure at rest. When you need it, it is ready to start immediately.

SQL Server 2017

Make the most of all new functions in SQL Server 2017 by working with a hybrid cloud. Advantages galore: an increased peak capacity, extra possibilities for continuity, faster backups and restore, and more capacity at a lower cost.

Managed Services

Together we look for the perfect solution by finding out what can be improved or made cheaper in the cloud. This results in a customised hybrid cloud with less investments and a shift towards a correct operational cost.

An ideal first step to start managing your operational data in the cloud is for example Azure SQL Database Managed Instance. This is one of the newest PaaS Services on Azure that offers you the necessary flexibility to manage your SQL Instance on your own without having to worry about the operating system.

Our service packs

Kohera offers a whole range of service packs to give you the support you need. Our service desk consists of a motivated team of professionals who each act as a contact person. In this way we guarantee you a fluent, efficient and high-quality solution within the shortest possible response time.

  • Maintenance offering
    • Service contract 8am – 6pm
    • Service contract 24hrs/5days
    • Service contract 24hrs/7days
  • Service level offer
    • Intervention P1 (2hrs)
    • Intervention P2 (4hrs)
    • Intervention P3 (next business day on site)
    • Intervention P4 (next business week on site)
  • Optional services
    • Proactive maintenance
    • SQL proactive monitoring
    • Monthly remote check