SQL server 2005 will become the new SQL server 2000

SQL server 2005 will become the new SQL server 2000

Many years ago Microsoft released SQL server 2005. This was an important SQL server update after SQL server 2000. Today, a decade later, Microsoft is about to stop the extended support on SQL server 2005 on April 12th 2016. It is end of life, no more updates will be released. When running SQL server 2005 you will be exposed to potential bugs and security threats.

Since the release of SQL server 2005, technology has changed dramatically. Many new features have been introduced in a more recent SQL server update.

Not only technology changed dramatically, also the way business operates has changed. Data is becoming the new gold in companies. One of the most important assets when running a business. It is therefore that Microsoft has put a lot of effort to create a database platform that support all those needs.

With SQL server 2014 we are able to increase the throughput and performance thanks to the ‘In memory OLTP engine’. A revolutionary concept to store data in memory and to abandon the traditional disk based approach.

Because data becomes so important, we need to guarantee a highly available environment. Within SQL server 2014 we are able to use AlwaysOn High Availability, which ensures high availability and disaster recovery to the cloud in case of failures of mission critical applications.

There are a lot of new features to gain more knowledge in your business’ data. New BI tools are available that allow you to gain deeper insights in your data.

One of the most important topics when considering upgrading is security. SQL server 2014 allows you to store your data more secure. Because SQL server 2014 is still actively under support, patches and security updates are released on a regular base. This makes your environment more robust and prepared for malicious attempt to gain access to your data. SQL server 2005 does no longer receive security updates or patches, leaving holes in your security.

SQL server 2014 and in the near future SQL server 2016 is the product that will lift your business to a higher level.

You should consider upgrading now. Kohera can assist you with this assessment. Together with you and proven technology tools we create a roadmap. With this you can upgrade your business with minimal impact for your end users.