SQL Spot – Part 2

Hi there. Back again with more splendid community articles. Once again I tried gathering some noticeable information for you on common SQL Server topics regarding business, BI, Data Science, Azure, maintenance, tuning, learning and more…. As always, all rights go out to the community for putting in all the work.

Business, releases and news




Power BI


Power BI

Excel BI



Tabular 2016

  • The tabular object model (TOM) serves as an API to create and manage partitions. TOM was released with SQL Server 2016 and is discussed here. The Automated Partition Management for Analysis Services Tabular Models whitepaper is available here. It describes how to use the AsPartitionProcessing TOM code sample with minimal code changes.

SSAS Azure

SSAS vNext

  • CTP 1.3 introduces encoding hints, which is an advanced feature used to optimize processing (data refresh) of large in-memory tabular models.



Data science

Machine Learning

  • To use the data, it needs to be cleansed, transformed and processed to a format that we can use to build predictive models. This process is called the data science process and it can be leveraged using machine Llearning techniques.


Stream Analytics

Cognitive Services


Backup and Restore


  • If you need to run SQL Server in an Azure virtual machine, your choice of Azure storage will have a great effect on its performance. Look here for some introduction on making your decisions.

Health Practices


  • Kimberley Tripp releases a new version of her sp_helpindex solution, with newer functionality (included columns and filters) as well as being better at describing what’s really in your indexes.





Index Tuning

In-memory optimization







  • One of the more interesting Channel 9 series to follow: data exposed.
  • Some more learning vids from MSSQLTIGER January 2017 PASS Virtual Conferences, showing you how SQL Server 2016 changes the game using the power of In Memory OLTP.


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