Why work at Kohera?

Challenging jobs at Kohera

Kohera is “probably” the biggest and best Belgian company to provide cutting-edge, full-service solutions on the Microsoft Data Data Platform. That’s a mouthful, but put simply: we structure data and turn it into knowledge. We always work with the latest technologies.

Whether the aim is to improve work performance, or make better decisions or forecasts, we make it all possible with the Microsoft Data Platform. That’s where our heart is, and we’re the experts with a bonus.

Kohera has a team of wizards who juggle data.

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Become the best, your way

We expect a lot from our people, but you get a lot back in return. To start with, at Kohera you’re not just a number whose path is already set in stone. Taking initiative is in our DNA, and we respect everyone’s own speed.

Continuous learning is a given, because technology advances quickly and every customer is different. Working at Kohera therefore means you’re always updating yourself, so you can grow to become the best, your way. Our mission is a success when we allow everyone to shine. Every Koherian is a Superman in their own field.

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Even though we’re consultants, there’s a great sense of togetherness at Kohera. We don’t call ourselves ‘Koherians’ for nothing. You’re never alone here, and can always fall back on your colleagues’ expertise.

Helping each other

We’re happy to share our expertise with our colleagues and our customers. There’s always a team of experts by your side, to help you on the way.

Open atmosphere

There’s a very open atmosphere within our horizontal organisation; we’re technical experts with a human side. We share our knowledge and make ourselves accessible to ensure everyone feels at home with Kohera. We’re spontaneous and personal, just like friends.


All our employees are passionate about data and the MS platform, and fully committed to their projects. At Kohera we have a real appetite for what we do.


Work hard, play hard. We’re good at this at Kohera, too. We often work apart, but we’re still a very close team with lots of room for humour. Humour makes us human and promotes a healthy bond between employees.

A day without laughing is a day not lived

Having a healthy appetite for your work is one thing, but the team you’re in is important too. At Kohera we believe in the philosophy that work and fun go hand in hand. We take lots of initiatives to ensure ‘Koherians’ feel good, and we love having an open, spontaneous atmosphere within our horizontal organisation.

As consultants, we form a close-knit team that shares knowledge to help each other and each other’s customers. Just like in any good team, everyone has their own specialities. We love it when a plan comes together!

Do you have an appetite to get to know us?

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Chief Koherian Luxembourg

As Chief Koherian in Luxembourg you are responsible of providing advice for the design, maintenance and development of SQL Server databases. You work independently or in a team of developers. You’re involved in projects in various sectors and are part of a dynamic team. You also take care of the further development of our team of Data Wizards in Luxembourg. You bring new ideas via various sales and marketing channels to achieve Kohera’s ambitions for growth in Luxembourg. Together with our Wizard of Operations, you coordinate the planning of our consultants with the expectations of your regional customers. You can also play a role in completing projects successfully for these customers.

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Microsoft SQL Server Database Administrator

As an SQL Server DBA you are responsible for advising on the design, maintenance and development of SQL Server databases. You work alone or within a team of developers. You are engaged in projects in various sectors and are part of a dynamic team.

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Microsoft BI Consultant

As a BI Consultant you are responsible for the implementation of Business Intelligence projects based on Microsoft BI technologies. You take care of the analysis, development and integration of specific solutions in this domain.

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Microsoft BI Architect

As an MS BI Architect you work on end-to-end Microsoft Business Intelligence and data warehouse projects and implementations. You lead all aspects of the delivery of BI solutions and related components.

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