A modern Data Platform

Subject: Modern Data Platform (part 1)

For: Developers, IT management, Business Management, BI heroes, …

When: Friday 30th of March from 11:30 to 12:00


  • Possibilities and tools of a modern Data Platform
  • Data migration assistant
  • SQL db as a Paas solution and SQL Managed instances
  • The Lambda architecture in Azure
  • Realtime analytics with Machine Learning, AI, …
  • How to fully unleash the power of Power BI


Modern and powerful Data Platform

In our webinar, we will discuss how you can get the most out of your data by merging existing (cloud) technologies. We will take you on a short trip to check the possibilities for when you want to migrate your SQL databases to the cloud or when you want to start benefiting from the cloud.

Next to that, you will learn how to use new technologies to get even more insights from your data. For example, by using artificial intelligence and Power BI, you can leverage data from new data sources like IoT devices to improve the accuracy of your business predictions.

New technologies

For good measure, we will briefly cover the data migration assistant. Afterwards, we’ll expand on hybrid scenarios for running your mission critical workloads. We’ll show you how you can use SQL db as a Paas solution or, in the future, can start using SQL Managed instances.

We will also discuss the new possibilities of the Modern Data Platform. It allows us to process data in multiple ways while opening different insights. In this session, we’ll talk about some of these topologies and architectures while showing which new possibilities and insights Azure can unlock for your organisation. By enabling these platforms, we can open the gate for more advanced technologies like Machine Learning and data mining. By using the right technology in the right place, we can empower your users to discover insights in your data that were hidden or difficult to access.

Let’s look together and make your data platform environment ready for the future.

Webinar hosted by

Karel Coenye & Frederik Bogaerts


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