Creating a Secure Databricks Environment


Friday, December 13th from 11:30 until 12:00


Creating a Secure Databricks Environment


  • When should you consider looking into a Databricks Driven solution?
  • Plan your hierarchy
  • Build a Security plan for the environment
  • Where and how to persist data when using Azure Databricks
  • Selecting the appropriate cluster for the jobs to be done
  • Understanding partitioning

Webinar hosted by

Karel Coenye, Team Lead at Kohera NV


  • Decision makers
  • IT management
  • Business management

Creating a Secure Databricks Environment

Azure Databricks is a cloud native (Big) Data analytics service, offered as a managed PaaS environment. This webinar will walk you through setting up a Databricks workspace in a secure way so that you can benefit from its underlying distributed systems, enabling you to focus on developing rather than having to stress over a possible infrastructure management nightmare.

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