Data privacy & security

Subject: Security & Privacy with Data Services on Azure

For: IT Management, Business Management, Marketing Management


  • Privacy and customer data; how and where to store
  • Using customer data; how to obtain information while respecting the privacy of the customer or consumer
  • SQL Server and Azure Data Services; how they can help you
  • Real life cases regarding security and privacy with SQL Server and Azure

Respect your customer’s data

When you store, move or use customer data, there’s one thing you must pay attention to at all times: privacy. Not just because you’re required by regulations, but because it’s what your customers expect. They trust you with their valuable information and they expect you to not betray that trust. Avoid angry customers and administrative fines.

But how do you keep that data private, yet put into good use? What if you want to set up marketing campaigns? In our webinar on Friday December 1st at 11h30, we’ll answer these questions and teach you how the Data Services on Azure can help you to correctly handle customer data.

Theory and practice in one free webinar

During our webinar, we won’t just bombard you with the theoretical stuff. We’ve already helped some of our customers with their questions regarding security and privacy, and we want to share that experience with you. With clear-cut cases, we’ll show you how to put the theory into practice and get your data storage and usage in line with privacy regulations.

Webinar hosted by
Karel Coenye

SQL Server on Azure

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