DataScience with Python


Friday, November 22th from 10:00 until 10:30


Data Science with Python


  • Explore Python language fundamentals
  • The ability to analyze data with Python
  • Build Numpy arrays, and perform interesting calculations
  • Get to know the Pandas DataFrame
  • Link to Power BI
  • Graphing with Matplotlib, the graphing and data visualization library for Python.

Webinar hosted by

Frederik Aerts, Team Lead at Kohera NV


  • Data Scientist
  • Data Engineers
  • BI consultants

DataScience with Python

Frederik Aerts

Python is a very powerful programming language used for many different applications. Analyzing data with Python has never been easier.

In our webinar, we’ll show you how to deal with data structures, such as Python lists, Numpy arrays, and Pandas DataFrames. Along the way, you’ll learn about Python functions and control flow. In addition, we’ll show you the link with Power BI to be able to create your own stunning visualizations based on real data.

Watch our How-To videos in our blog!


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