SQL Server 2016 webinar replay

Subject: Microsoft SQL Server 2016 for DBA & BI – part 2

For: IT management, SQL Server experts, IBM or Oracle users and all other database savvies …

When: Friday 15 March, from 11:30 to 12:00


  • personalisation of your web portal
  • Datazen
  • custom branding
  • real-time analytics
  • other important SSRS features of Microsoft SQL Server 2016 software

Master your data explosion much better: The 2016 version of SQL Reporting Services is the most innovating release in years. Microsoft integrated many improvements, such as the new web portal that now supports HTML5, KPI’s, favorites and the possibility to publishing to Power BI. With the acquisition of DataZen, Microsoft offers a new development platform for creating mobile reports which have earned their place in the new SSRS web portal. Customize your reports with custom branding. Choose your own logo and add your favorite colors.

Enter the world of Big Data: In the current dynamic world, decisions you make are based on data generated reports. In most cases, these reports consist of last week’s or yesterday’s data, making your reports outdated almost immediately. Real-time analytics is what you really need, and that is what the new SQL Server 2016 has made possible. You will save time since you are able to report on your production database, no longer needing a dataflow to a data warehouse. And your reports will be up-to-date. During this webinar replay we will give an hands-on demo of how this works.

Webinar hosted by: Frederik Aerts and Stijn Wynants

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