Power BI April Update


Power BI April update


Friday April 27th from 11:30 to 12:00


Developers, IT management, BI heroes,…

Webinar hosted by:

Ken Geeraerts


  • Synchronise slicers across report pages
  • Show and hide pages in your reports
  • Customise Tooltips in Power BI Desktop

New features in Power BI

Your company has a vast amount of data, but you are not quite sure how to use it to its full potential? Microsoft Power BI helps you collect, analyse and visualise your data, transforming it into valuable and clear insights. Power BI releases a few very handy new features, and we’re happy to share them with you. The new features will surely help you professionalise your reports.

Synchronise slicers across report pages

You can use a slicer in Power BI Desktop to filter the results of visuals on your report page. With this new feature, you can now synchronise slicers across multiple report pages. For example, you can select whether the slicer should apply to each selected page, and whether that slicer should be visible on each selected page in the report. You can apply any combination of those, for each slicer.

Show and hide pages in your reports

While creating your reports, it might be possible that you need to hide a page or two because the work is still in progress. If you want users to have access to other parts of the report, hiding pages can be very useful. From now on, you can hide any number of pages you want in Power BI.

Customising Tooltips in Power BI Desktop

When a visualisation is created, the default tooltip displays the data point’s value and category. There are many instances when being able to customise the tooltip information would be useful and would provide additional context and information for users viewing the visual. Custom tooltips enable you to specify additional data points that are displayed as part of the tooltip.

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