Power BI March update

Subject: Power BI March update
For: business analysts, business unit managers, IT management, Excel lovers, …

  • Real-time streaming general availability
  • Email subscriptions
  • Visual improvements
  • Query improvements

Always up to date:
The latest Power BI update allows you to easily stream and view data via the REST API, Azure Stream Analytics, or PubNub. This real-time streaming feature enables you to instantly display your data live on your dashboards, accelerating access to insights and data-based decisions. And do you want to stay up to date all the time? Subscribe and automatically receive the last status update in your email inbox thanks to the Power BI mail integration.

Advanced visuals and queries:
Powerful visuals have always been a strong suit of Power BI. During our webinar replay, we’ll demonstrate how you can now personalize and adjust these visuals to your own tasting. And, last but not least, queries. Power BI now allows you to verify whether there are relations between queries, giving you more accurate estimates of the possible impact on other queries when you make any alterations. Altering and finetuning functions, by the way, has been simplified, making your job easier.

Webinar hosted by: Ken Geeraerts

Power BI March update

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