Power BI update June 2020


Friday, June 26th from 11:00


The latest features of Power BI


  • Personalized visuals: not everyone works in the same way. So, Microsoft figured, not everyone needs the same visuals. They’ve given end users the option to change their graphs, even making it possible to switch graph types.
  • New navigation possibilities: usually creating navigation buttons is a hassle. To make it easier Power BI has introduced new action types to apply to buttons in your report with a special focus on navigation.
  • New options for visuals: to further customize your visuals in Power BI, Microsoft has released a slew of new options for tables, matrixes, line charts, … One example is multicolumn sort for tables.
  • There’s plenty more to show and discuss, but you’ll have to attend to find out. 😉

Webinar hosted by

Ken Geeraerts


  • Developers
  • IT management
  • Business management
  • BI heroes
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