Power BI September update replay

Subject: Power BI update

For: Developers, IT management, BI heroes, …


  • R script
  • Row Level Security (RLS)
  • Geo Location

New player in town
We know you’ve heard about R, the most frequently used open source programming language and software environment for statistical analysis and visualization of your data. We also know that its complexity can overwhelm some enthusiasts.

R no longer runs as a beta version and we thought that was the perfect opportunity to demonstrate how it can benefit you in the world of Power BI.

More control, more precision
During our webinar we’ll also be giving a demo on row level security (RLS) and geo coding. RLS with Power BI allows you to restrict data access by defining roles. This enables to have more control over who sees and can edit which data.

Geo coding, on the other hand, helps you to make your data more specific. When you enter addresses into your data model, geo coding in Power BI converts the address into latitude and longitude coordinates, or the other way around. This way, visualizing all your data into maps becomes easier and more accurate.

Program it yourself
Need some custom apps to push data into your Power BI dashboard? You can, with the Power BI REST API. We’ll show you how you get access for programming your datasets, tables, and rows.

Webinar hosted by
Frederik Aerts

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