Power BI September Update


Friday, September 13th from 11:30 until 12:00


Power BI September update


– KPI icon sets: This feature will let you set up rules for showing different sets of icons to show in your table and matrix, very similar to the Icon Sets feature in Excel.

– Grouping visuals:Grouping allows you to group visuals, shapes, textboxes, images and buttons together on your report page, just like you can do in PowerPoint. Once objects are grouped together, you’ll be able to move and resize them all together.

– Custom branding for the Power BI Service: Now you can change the look and feel of the Power BI service to match your corporate theme with just a few clicks.

– Shared and certified datasets  With shared datasets in Power BI, a single dataset can be used by multiple reports, across workspaces. With certified datasets you have a mechanism to distinguish your most valued and trusted datasets.


Webinar hosted by

Ken Geeraerts


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 New features in Power BI

In this webinar, we will guide you through the most important new features Microsoft Power BI has to offer since our previous webinar in May . These features will help you to increase the usability and the visual possibilities of your reports.


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