SQL Sentry webinar replay

Subject: SQL Sentry

For: SQL Server DBAs, IT managers, …


  • Performance Advisor
  • Event manager
  • Plan Explorer
  • Fragmentattion Manager

How to improve your view on SQL Server with SQL Sentry: If you’re having issues to fully manage your SQL Server environment, SQL Sentry will relieve you of your database administration tasks. The software brings performance and analysis tools for SQL Server, including dashboarding and alerting. During our webinar replay about SQL Sentry, we give you an overview of its most important features and what you can achieve with those. We believe SQL Sentry is an interesting product in the following situations:

  • organisations with a relative small SQL Server environment can make SQL Sentry do most of the database administration work
  • others with a huge or complex SQL Server environment can avoid lots of scripting and will make their DBA’s work on priorities first

You don’t have to be on-site to use SQL Sentry, by the way. Thanks to its cloud capabilities, you can monitor your SQL Server environments all over the world.

SQL Sentry for real: This webinar replay gives you a practical look at the main features.

Performance Advisor is a realtime dashboard about anything going on in SQL Server: disks, processors, queries, data traffic. When something would go wrong, you will receive notifications on the spot.

Event manager shows what (queries, jobs, ..) is running when. You can compare it to your Agenda in Outlook, showing events with their real time status. It also covers Windows Server, SharePoint and Oracle.

Plan Explorer is considered the best tool to dissect your plans more thoroughly and easily then native SQL Server tools.

Fragmentattion Manager shows the fragmentation of indexes and indicates which ones need to be rebuilt.

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