SQL Server 2016 May update

Subject: SQL Server 2016 May update
For: DBAs, developers, IT management, system engineers, …

  • Standard vs enterprise edition
  • Data compression
  • Column store index
  • In-memory tables
  • Partitioning
  • Multiple filestream containers
  • Always encrypted
  • Fine-grained auditing (FGA)

Standard vs Enterprise edition

During our February update of SQL Server we already made a comparison between the Standard and Entreprise edition features. During this webinar replay we’ll demonstrate that the Standard edition functionalities have become more extensive, resulting in more possibilities for you to process and analyse your data.

Better, faster, stronger
SQL Server 2016 SP1 is better. Why? It is more efficient, quicker, thus more economical. How? Thanks to data and row compression, your SQL Server database requires less storage capacity to execute the same processes. This allows it to be faster than before.

Besides that, in-memory tables, one of the new features, ensure that your data is processed, inside the memory. This means that you no longer require saving on your drives, decreasing the memory work load, again resulting in more efficient and faster use and processing of your data. This eventually leads to your enhancing your productivity and SQL Server environment.

Webinar hosted by

Egon Vandenrijdt

SQL Server 2016 May update

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