Power BI March update webinar replay

Subject: Microsoft Power BI 2016

For: business analysts, business unit managers, IT management, Excel lovers, …

When: Friday 25 March, from 11:30 to 12:00


What can Power BI do for you? Every company has a treasure of data at its disposal, but what do you do with it? Microsoft Power BI helps you collect, analyse and visualize your data, transforming it into valuable and clear insights. We will show you how easy this software is, so you are no longer dependent on you IT department to create dashboards and reports of you data. Power BI allows you to monitor on your company, to find answers to your most important questions, spot trends and drive your business forward. Understanding and working better with data has become a major competitive differentiator.

Power BI Publish to Web: Discover the possibilities of Power BI Publish to Web. It allows you to construct interactive visualizations of your data, and easily share these through an embedded link in your emails, blogposts and social media, enabling readers to make their own conclusions.

Webinar hosted by: Ken Geeraerts. Join Ken in this free replay on an overview of the newest features in Power BI, and how you can use them to your company’s advantage.

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