About us

About us

Sharper data-driven decisions

Organizations have a lot of valuable data stored on their IT platforms. Our services provide decision-makers with quick and straightforward access to this information and turn it into faster processes and better insights.

Kohera is a unique and full-service provider for Microsoft Business Analytics, the SQL Server database system and Corporate Performance Management. Being the largest Belgian company with 100% focus on Microsoft BI, the SQL Server platform and CPM, we have built up extensive knowledge of the product suite to help solve any issue, whether it’s to do with the business or the technology.

Our people

Kohera’s team of experts is exclusively dedicated to implementing Microsoft Business Analytics, SQL Server systems, Prophix CPM and related technology. Working closely with Microsoft and being a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we offer you high-performance and complete solutions based on your needs.

A pragmatic approach

Projects are always based on four key elements: budget, scope, time and quality. We manage these carefully to ensure a successful project. Our experience with challenging projects has fine-tuned our project and implementation approach, based on the Agility and Kimball BI Lifecycle methods.

Our pragmatic project approach is enhanced by consistent project management, with everyone clear about their involvement. The roles and responsibilities of all the parties are always well-defined and monitored. We focus on the business requirements of the end result and also deliver direct added value along the way. Our customers enjoy the advantages of the solution from the start, gaining new insights into its possibilities for direct feedback to the project team.


21 Mar 2017
The endless possibilities of Power BI, that’s what makes us happy

We’ve already demonstrated once or twice that with Power BI, you can do much more than just make a simple analysis of your company data. To us, possibilities are truly endless, as long as you do some creative thinking. And today is no different.

14 Mar 2017
R Services: advanced analytics binnen SQL Server 2016

In een vorige blogpost kon je lezen wat R is, wanneer en waarvoor je R kunt gebruiken en hoe je ermee van start gaat. Vandaag vertellen we je hoe je met deze meest gebruikte open source programmeertaal een statistische analyse en een grafische presentatie van jouw gegevens maakt. Plus, waarom dat nuttig is.

07 Mar 2017
Securing the data tier of an Azure SQL Server Database – Part 2

One of the most prominent questions when working with PaaS databases is how to secure them. In the previous blodpost of these defence series, I talked about limiting access to objects through firewalls and encryption. Today I'll discuss protecting and auditing your data. Also, I’ll add some extra resources for a complete overview of the available security features on an Azure SQL Sever Database.

28 Feb 2017
Securing the data tier of an Azure SQL Sever Database – Part 1

One of the most prominent questions when working with PaaS databases is how to secure them. In these defence series, I will talk about limiting access to objects, protecting your data and auditing. Ok, let’s get started with the first layer. Enjoy!