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Data Engineering

Data Engineering

At Kohera, we identify ourselves as experts in Modern Data Engineering, using Microsoft Azure Cloud. It is one of the pillars on which our business is built.

Our vision

A generic landing zone: at Kohera, we have constructed a modern capture framework that allows us to fetch data from a large number of sources and land them in the Azure Cloud.

The key benefits of this are speed and maintainability. Through the standardisation of these pipelines, we facilitate easy code sharing and peer reviews between our engineers.
The result is high-quality code for predictable roll-out costs. All this is incorporated via CI/CD and modern DevOps principles. We don’t just standardise the landing of your data.

At Kohera, we have developed a standard approach for the development of your Data Warehouse. Our tried and tested methodology that embraces state-of-the-art cloud evolutions, ensures optimal collaboration between our Cloud Engineers, saves time and increases the quality of the code produced.

Applying a standard and generic approach does not mean though that we treat all our clients as one and the same.On the contrary, the time we have saved and the repetitive work we have automated serve just one purpose.

So we can apply customised logic to what makes you unique in your area of expertise.
It gives us time to listen, analyse and work alongside your people to find working solutions for the problems that make you special.
The Microsoft Azure toolkit, combined with smart automation and our engineers’ extensive experience, ensures that we can provide real-world solutions to real-world data problems.

We prove that every day to ourselves, to our customers and to our partner Microsoft.
And have done so for the past 15 years.

How can we assist you?

Contact us and we will come up with the best Data Engineering solution for your business!